Looking for ways to help out?  We’re always in need of some extra hands!  Contact us at volunteer@capitalconfectioners.com if you’d like to:

Or maybe you’ve already helped out before and you’re looking to increase your involvement? You can always run for one of our elected board positions at election time every spring. Call for nominees begins in February and you must inform the current treasurer of your wish to run by March 31. Ballots are issued at the April club meeting. Only active, paid members may run and/or vote.

Here are the board positions and their functions:

President – Currently Kyla Myers

The President shall preside at all meetings and shall perform all duties commonly incident to the office of President, including such other duties at the Officers shall from time to time designate.

Note that anyone running for President must have served in another Officer role for at least one previous year.

Vice-President – Currently Janett Spivey

The Vice-President shall have such powers and perform such duties as the President, shall from time to time designate. In the absence or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall have the powers and shall exercise the duties of the Presidency.

Secretary – Currently Kimberly Chapman

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of each meeting and all of the corporate records (except the financial records), and shall send all notices of meetings, prepare the agenda for meetings and shall perform such other duties as are prescribed by the Officers or the President.

Treasurer – Not Elected, Appointed by Officers, Currently Irene Hackbarth

The Treasurer will keep and maintain adequate and correct accounts of the financial records, and all business transactions, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains, losses, capital and surplus. The Treasurer will disburse the funds of the Club as may be ordered by the Officers and shall render to the Officers, whenever requested, an account of all transactions and of the financial condition of the club,

Historian – Joanne Trcka

The Historian will serve as the Historian of the club. The Historian will take photos at club meetings and other events as deemed necessary. The Historian will also maintain a book with club photos, newspaper clippings and memorabilia and will produce and distribute an electronic newsletter at least quarterly.

Note that all of the elected roles involve a great deal of work. The President role in particular is extremely time-intensive and not suited to anyone with a full-time work schedule elsewhere or someone who can’t plan to attend almost every club meeting and show organization meeting. The Secretary is also in charge of making sure club members are informed about meetings, changes to schedules, etc, as well as record-keeping from various meetings. Each role has a lot of smaller duties not listed here that change as the needs of the club change. We welcome new folks running but please be aware of the enormous time and energy commitment you are making!

We also vote yearly on the Heart of the Club award. This is a special recognition of someone who has really given their all to the club over many years. The Heart is someone everyone knows because they’re always there helping at meetings and events, answering questions in person and online, and doing lots of work behind the scenes. They have given a lot of time to volunteer positions and shown exemplary levels of dedication, friendliness, and spirit towards all things related to Capital Confectioners. It is an open vote space on the yearly ballot: write in whomever you think deserves the award, with the caveat that we try to ensure those who have won it before don’t repeat. Previous winners are Irene Hackbarth, Kyla Myers, Ellen Cromwell, Chris Cantrell, and Jennifer and Randy Bartos.