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We had a fabulous Day of Sharing on Sunday and are very grateful to everyone who came! Here’s a summary of some of the things discussed and links the instructors wanted you to know about.

Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

First was Kerri Morris who showed us how to make a lovely Art Deco cake. She mentioned Bake Magazine, which is free for “qualified readers with managerial responsibilities in the retail, bakery cafe and intermediate wholesaler baking business in the United States and Canada” according to their website. She’s participating in contest and would love votes here.

Kerri’s Art Deco cake. Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

Next was Lauren Kitchens who demonstrated a modelling chocolate luggage box and had us all in stitches with her great stories and gossip. She also talked about pricing issues and her recent Yoda cake. Someone mentioned that she had a coupon for her Craftsy class on her website but I don’t see it on there…if I get a link I’ll update this later (UPDATE: go to and scroll down to the Cityscape Cakes section for a link to the coupon!).

Photo from Lauren’s blog.

Lauren Kitchens and Mary Carmen Del Rio on the stage at our Day of sharing. Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

Lauren also has a YouTube video that show you her recipe and methodology for making modelling chocolate:

And a video on how not to do it!

Next, Mary Carmen Del Rio demonstrated a multi-tiered cake using non-toxic markers for decorative accents:

Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

Then Jennifer Bartos of Make it Sweet demonstrated the new Icing Images Sweet Accents system, and one was given away as a door prize!

Samples from the Icing Images Sweet Accent system on a cake. Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

Our last demonstrator was Stephen Benison, who demonstrated his Fabric Flower technique, for which he also sells stencils on his site.

Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

Stephen has a how-to video on the Fabric Flowers here:

Stephen also demonstrated some other techniques, like his Funky Flowers, mini flowers, and other cake accents, as well as showing what students learned in the extended classes in the days before the Day of Sharing:

Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

Photo by Sandra Berkshier.

Stephen would love some more Likes on his Facebook page!

The winner of this year’s Heart of the Club award went to Chris Cantrell! The club honours you for your contributions through the years, Chris!

Photo by Tien Bui.

Kimberly Chapman posted a full tutorial on how to make the purse cake balls she brought, so those of you who didn’t get one can make and chomp your own!

Photo by Kimberly Chapman.

Here’s a link to a compilation video showing more photos and some video clips from the demonstrations.

Thank you to everyone who attended, to our fabulous instructors, and to our sponsors:


A few of our club members went to the 2013 Frosting Creators of San Antonio Day of Sharing on May 5. We had a lovely time with our sister cake club! One of our members, Kimberly Chapman, brought home a blue ribbon for her gummy version of the US flag.

We love introducing people from the cake world to each other and fostering partnerships that help everyone. To that end, our president Kyla Myers took one of Earlene Moore’s tiara molds over to the Simi Cakes booth for some isomalt.

Michelle Galprin helped Kyla get the isomalt into the mold, and below is a photo of Irene Hackbarth (our treasurer), Kyla, Michelle, and Gwen Drake (our historian) working to get the piece out of the mold:

Taking an isomalt tiara out of a mold

Having quality molds and quality isomalt makes decorating easier!

It worked very well, as you can see from this photo later at Earlene’s booth:

isomalt tiara

Such amazing possibilities with these products!

We love our vendor partners and friends, and it was great seeing them at such a lovely event. Thank you to Frosting Creators and everyone involved!


Check out what I found on Kickstarter last night: tessellating cookie cutters!

Cookie Connections – Clever Cookie Cutters Cut Clever Cookies

Don’t those look awesome? And the pledge rewards are ridiculously low-priced! I want this guy to succeed (no I don’t know him or anything, I just think these are way cool), so I pledged $20. Spread the word: let’s get some funky holiday cutters produced right here in Austin!


Looks like I was so busy this weekend I missed Applesauce Cake Day on June 4 and National Gingerbread Day on June 5. Who comes up with all of these holidays anyway?

Today on Quick Bites, some fun small edibles:

And a last note: while the items on Minnie Kitchen’s blog aren’t actually edible (I assume), they’re mind-blowingly gorgeous recreations of food in dollhouse scale. Go spend a good long time looking at her stuff and be prepared to be amazed!


Chris Wingler, here!  Have you seen these???  Wilton has some new cake decorating products out that are pretty nifty.  I was very interested in their new “Fondant & Gum Paste Molds” ($9.99 each): Baroque, Global, Fabric, and Nature.  Michaels is currently having a “buy 2 get the 3rd for free” sale on all their bakeware and cake decorating products.  Go ahead and dash out to the store.  I’ll be here when you get back.  Here are the Global and Nature molds (the other 2 were sold out!):

demonstrated with Satin Ice fondant

This was a lot of fun!  These molds are really nice.  They appear to be made of a thick slab of silicon.  They are easy to clean and are very bendy.  Love the colors!  I dusted the cavities with powdered sugar using my pastry brush and tapped out any excess.

I used my little wooden roller to smoosh the fondant into the cavities.

I was able to roll the fondant with enough pressure that you can see the mold through the fondant, but it was still easy to remove.  The back of the box suggested using a foam pad to press the fondant, but I didn’t feel like rummaging through my craft closet for it.  I gently pressed a wad of fondant into the cavity with my finger tips and then rolled with my rolling pin from the center outward.

If the fondant didn’t immediately pop out, I was able to coax it with my pastry brush and by bending the mold.  I didn’t notice any wrinkles or imperfections from impressing the fondant into the mold, but did have to be careful not to pull too much on the fondant so it wouldn’t stretch or distort the shapes.

There are a couple of downsides to these molds.  The cavities are pretty deep, so the resulting fondant accents seem to be thick.  If you’re not into that, well, you’re a bit out of luck.  The other problem is that these beautiful borders aren’t very long.  You’ll have to do this many times if you want to line a cake.

Other than that, I say run out and scoop these up!  I had a blast and can’t wait for a good excuse to use them on a cake!  Here are some more shots of them in action.

What do you think?  Have you tried them out?  Leave comment and tell us if you like them!