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For those who attended our gummy class or are otherwise interested in my experiments on the subject, I’ve posted two updates on my blog of recent nifty discoveries:

Experiments With White Opaque Gummy

Molding Flesh-Like Gummy in Buttercream


Today on Quick Bites, peach recipes!

Got another peach recipe? Post it in the comments! Meanwhile, pardon me while I go out back and water my old show cake.


During my demo at Day of Sharing, someone asked if, instead of turning gummy repeatedly in a silicon cup until it solidifies, could one cast a mold of a cupcake cup made of gummy by using one silicone cup pushed down into another with gummy in between.

This was an excellent question! I tested it yesterday. The answer is not really. The turning method, while tedious, produces a more structurally sound result with better user control.

To see lots of photos and much more data, visit my blog’s experiment post.

I think having a “You Asked, We Answer!” feature would be fun on this blog. Capital Confectioners has several members who love to experiment. Send those cake decorating questions that haunt you and can’t be answered by a simple Google search, or post them in comments, and we’ll do our best to hunt down answers or run some experiments for you!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, you can learn lots more about home-made gummy treats and advanced applications at our class on July 24.


The amazing Chris Cantrell and I are collaborating on a big showpiece cake that will be served at Day of Sharing. Here’s a teaser pic I just posted to my own food/cake blog in a post about how you can evoke emotion with googly eyes on fondant figures:

Monkey Teasers

Partially completed fondant monkeys.

If you want to see the completed monkeys, their friends, and the rest of the awesome cake in person, be sure to register for Day of Sharing right away! For those who are coming, I’ll be giving the monkeys away so bring a small container if you’d like to try to snag one to take home. There will only be 16, although there’ll be plenty of cake for everybody.


Forgive me for neglecting Quick Bites duties for the past few days, but I was busy making this:

Fondant Figure Modelling 101.

I also taught it at a Bake a Wish Austin free class for volunteers, spreading the cakey goodness around Austin as always!


We had a great meeting tonight with lots of new members! Yay! We’re so thrilled new people came and hope they’ll come again!

Irene Hackbarth did a fantastic demo of bride and groom themed discs that would work wonderfully on both cupcakes and cookies. Hopefully someone took some photos and will send them in or post them.

Chris Cantrell made several flavours of delectable cupcakes. Yum!

We talked a lot about our upcoming Day of Sharing on Sunday, July 10. This is a day-long event filled with cake decorating demonstrations, plus you get a continental breakfast, a catered lunch, and desserts baked by our members all for only $40 if you register by June 25, $55 after that. See the link for more details and to register now! Don’t miss it!

I brought along one of my experiments that I’ll be including in my demonstration of advanced gummy techniques. I posted about it here.

And don’t forget to check out the calendar on the left side of our pages here for our upcoming classes.

There’s lots to do at Capital Confectioners, so join us whenever you can! We want to share our passion for sugar arts with you! And all funds go right back to the club so we can keep spreading the goodness throughout our community.


I was hunting for links for future Quick Bites posts when I stumbled upon something unsettling and blogged about it at Eat The Evidence. What do you all think about Cookie Stuffed Cookies?


I find donating to Bake A Wish Austin allows me to experiment with cake decorating without my family having to eat all of the results. The recipients appreciate the effort, I have an excuse to bake and play, so it’s win-win.

I posted this evening about my recent two donations and what I learned as I played around with piping to make game show cookies and summer cupcakes. Enjoy and donate a baked good yourself sometime if you can! It’s very rewarding.


I just posted a lengthy and picture-filled post on my own cake/food blog about some recent volunteer classes I did with kids and why it’s so rewarding to do so:

I highly encourage anyone with cake skills to donate some time to a local school. It’s good for warm fuzzies all around!

PS, Thanks to Irene for the second turntable and to Chris W. for the edible ink pens, both of which are now in the big bucket of kid supply stuff for the club. A lot of kids are going to benefit from those donated supplies for a good long time!