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I found more Fourth of July goodies to share, and I’m sure more will come over the weekend as well. However, since all of the core volunteers at Capital Confectioners are working like crazy to present an amazing Day of Sharing, blog posts are going to be a little less frequent as we approach that date.

For now here are some more Independence Day desserts:


Today on Quick Bites, odd things as inspired by this morning’s trending topic of “Fried Kool-Aid” on Twitter.


Was too busy today to put a full post together, sorry. Worked on stuff for the Day of Sharing and Gummy class most of the day.

But I stumbled across more atypical Fathers’ Day stuff: Lola’s Cake posted some great dad’s hobby cupcakes on Flickr. Via Cupcakes Take The Cake.

I love that they’re miniatures, that they can be customized to suit any dad’s interests, and that they’re adorable!


Today on Quick Bites: it’s National Doughnut Day! Aside from the fact that many doughnut stores are offering freebies today, here are some fun doughnut links:

Do you have a favourite doughnut recipe? I don’t, but I do have a tutorial on how to knit a torus, which is sort of close. You could make an elongated version of the icing from this cupcake pattern and stitch it on the doughnut. Then you could always have a doughnut around whenever you want it, calorie-free. Yay!


Today on Quick Bites: Memorial Day cakes that do not use strawberries and blueberries to make a US flag. That’s what half the internet will show you today, but at Capital Confectioners, we like to be topical and different at the same time!

  • US flag cakes are fairly common, especially on Memorial Day, but this one by Spring Lake Cake is very classy and elegant the way it translates the stripes into a bow atop a rich blue background with nicely-placed white stars. Even the surrounding cupcakes come across as respectful accents.
  • Kim C. (no relation to me but I dig her name!) posted three Memorial Day cake ball ideas: arranged as a flag, sprinkles, and drizzled. She’s also got some adorable Navy-themed cupcakes.
  • If you want to add some flag flair to you Memorial Day cake stand, or save it for the 4th of July later, check out these simple directions by Better Homes and Gardens. Also works for Bastille Day, Australia Day, or any other day celebrated by a nation with a red, white, and blue flag. Or use different coloured streamers to suit your needs. It’s all good! Via CraftGossip
  • Need to put together a quick cake for a pool party today? Got some candies on hand? Go for this easy and cute pool cake from Taste of Home. If you’re just hanging at home with the kids, get them involved and use it as an excuse to use up some of that leftover Easter candy to make your own version. Or if you’re like me and limit your kids’ candy, you might even have a stockpile going back to Halloween. Make a multi-holiday pool-party extravaganza cake and enjoy the day with creative cakey fun!

Today on Quick bites:


Today on Quick Bites we’ve got a theme of buttercream!

If these cakes have made you hungry, a new baker in Round Rock is enlisting taste-testers! Sign up here!


This is the start of a new series of posts where we present a handful of interesting links we’ve found around the web.

Today on Quick Bites:


As seen on CakeWrecks’ Sunday Sweets on May 15, 2011, check out this gorgeous cake made to look like bunched asparagus:

Asparagus Cake

Asaragus Cake by Sweetapolita

This work of art is by Sweetapolita, who graciously shares in-production photos as well as recipes here. The story behind the cake’s inspiration is as sweet as the dessert itself.