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FYI, I just made a blog post about eye placement on snowmen cookies, and they happen to be the cookies I brought to the Capital Confectioners holiday party, so you all ate these crazy things. :)

The Subtleties of Eye Placement


Nothing beats the Austin heat quite like a serving of ice cream. But which of these are real ice cream and which aren’t?

Use the heat to pretend your ice cream has melted with these Melted Ice Cream Cupcakes by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.

Make these Twix Ice Cream Pie Cups by Dollhouse Bake Shoppe.

Ladies’ Home Journal has a recipe for making Mini Ice Cream Pops. Via CraftGossip.

Sweet Sugarbelle has a tutorial on adorable Pastel Popsicle Cookies.

Stump everybody with these cake pops that look like ice cream but then have rainbows inside: Rainbow Ice Cream Cake Bites by Sugar Swings. Via CraftGossip.

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Summer may be wrapping up for some but it’s still hot as blazes here in Austin, so enjoy these refreshing beach/summer-themed treats and projects!

By the way, we now have an “as seen on” graphic those featured can place on their blogs! It’s on our About Us page.


The team behind the Austin cake and sugar arts show (That Takes the Cake!), one of the nation’s largest confections shows, knows that cookie decorating is a hot topic these days and we’d like to include more cookie stuff in the 2012 and future shows (our show is the last weekend of February every year).

However, in the past our cookie categories within the competition have attracted hardly any competitors. We folded cookies in with other general non-cake confections because there seemed to be a lack of interest.

We have cookiers in our club, we know great area cookie folks, and we recognize cookies as a burgeoning art form. But in order to include it in the show, we need to know that our effort and funds are being put to good use.

So if you want to see more cookie stuff at the 2012 or future shows, or possibly even a separate cookie event, speak up!

Leave your comments on this post telling us what you want. Competitions? Classes? Vendors? What would get you to come to the show as a cookier? If you’re in the Austin area and want to volunteer let us know that as well, specifying what you can do to help.

Then spread the word and send your cookie friends here to comment as well!

We’re happy to serve, but we need cookiers to tell us what they want and help make it a success!

Update August 28: Over a week and not one comment. A couple people have mentioned on Twitter that they don’t want to create a WordPress login to comment, but if folks aren’t willing to take a few seconds to do that, how can Capital Confectioners be sure any of them will participate in the show?

If for some technical reason you can’t comment, you can send your message to me at press at and I will post it for you.

Seriously, last call: if you want a cookie component in one of the nation’s largest sugar arts shows, speak now or forever hold your peace. Or piece of cake, as it may be!


It’s a safe bet if you read this blog with any regularity that you either bake or want to. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the time will come when you need to ship something, present something, or dress something up. You could spend a fortune on pre-made items, or you could read the following bits of awesome advice on DIY constructions, presentations, and shipments:

What are your favourite DIY tips to facilitate your baking presentations?

And remember: if you like it when people go to great lengths to give you free stuff others charge for, especially those printables, it encourages them to keep doing it if you post a comment of thanks when you use them!


Still recovering from gummy class and Day of Sharing so apologies for the lack of posts. Here are some cool things I’ve found recently:


In case you haven’t heard, there’s some kind of movie coming out today. Something about a hirsute boy wizard with a thing for ceramics and fermented dairy products. Wait, I’m confused…

In other words, today’s Quick Bites are all about the butterbeer, snitches, chocolate frogs, and other Potter goodies!

Late addition! I spied Bake at 350’s very own Butterbeer Cookies and since she passed on Sugarcrafter’s link above, wanted to make sure to include her own awesome cookies as well!


Check out what I found on Kickstarter last night: tessellating cookie cutters!

Cookie Connections – Clever Cookie Cutters Cut Clever Cookies

Don’t those look awesome? And the pledge rewards are ridiculously low-priced! I want this guy to succeed (no I don’t know him or anything, I just think these are way cool), so I pledged $20. Spread the word: let’s get some funky holiday cutters produced right here in Austin!


Today is, apparently, National Sugar Cookie Day. I have a zillion great cookie links piled up to share on a Quick Bites post, but need to spend my day in the kitchen prepping for my gummy demo for tomorrow’s Day of Sharing.

So to those legions of you reading (which will inevitably be lessened today by all the other super-mega-busy core volunteers): post your favourite sugar cookie recipes, photos, links, etc. in the comments!

Yes, I’m begging you to do my work for me, but I promise all attendees of Day of Sharing will appreciate it!


Not much time for online stuff as we volunteers prep for Day of Sharing, but I happened upon these great links today so I’ll throw ‘em together and call it a post!

And a correction: on the first 4th of July post I wrongfully attributed the cake ball flag arrangement based on where I’d seen it posted. That has now been corrected on the post to give proper credit to My Juice Cup. My apologies.