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Roxanne Moore, the fabulous artist who taught all about making stilettos at our Day of Sharing and for classes afterward, has just posted her summary of the DoS on her blog:

Thanks Roxanne! We’re all so glad you joined us and had fun. We loved having you here and hope you’ll join us again in the future!


Here are just some of the things I’ve prepped in advance for the gummy class I’m teaching on July 24:

Gummy supplies

Fondant-covered mini cakes, fondant flame bases, and blue gummy sheets.

There are a couple of spots left. Remember, all proceeds benefit Capital Confectioners. I’m not being paid anything despite the hours of work going into it. This is the way all Capital Confectioners classes are run: volunteers put in tons of hours all for the club, which in turn benefits the community. So sign up for this class or another one on the list in the sidebar to learn some great techniques and support a group that works to make Austin a tastier and more fun place to live!


During my demo at Day of Sharing, someone asked if, instead of turning gummy repeatedly in a silicon cup until it solidifies, could one cast a mold of a cupcake cup made of gummy by using one silicone cup pushed down into another with gummy in between.

This was an excellent question! I tested it yesterday. The answer is not really. The turning method, while tedious, produces a more structurally sound result with better user control.

To see lots of photos and much more data, visit my blog’s experiment post.

I think having a “You Asked, We Answer!” feature would be fun on this blog. Capital Confectioners has several members who love to experiment. Send those cake decorating questions that haunt you and can’t be answered by a simple Google search, or post them in comments, and we’ll do our best to hunt down answers or run some experiments for you!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, you can learn lots more about home-made gummy treats and advanced applications at our class on July 24.


Capital Confectioners’ volunteers are still busy wrapping up Day of Sharing details and already on to planning for 2012’s That Takes the Cake! Show, and I’m plugging away at a booklet and other details for my Gummy class in a week and a half, so there’s no time for a themed post right now. So here are some fun links I found today in no particular order:

PS With peaches in season, I’ve been gathering a list of peach recipes. If you’ve got one, email me or post a comment here and it might get featured on a later post! Friday’s post will feature recipes from Day of Sharing, so if you donated a dessert and want to share your recipe, send it to me at press AT capitalconfectioners dot com.


I didn’t post a Quick Bites today because I was hanging with the awesome Chris Cantrell in her cake-home paradise as we planned our mega showpiece cake for Day of Sharing.

Then this evening I did this:

Gummy Lego Minifig

So now who wants to come learn hands-on how to make one? Space is limited so sign up soon! If there’s high enough demand I might schedule a second class as well. All proceeds go to benefit Capital Confectioners!


We had a great meeting tonight with lots of new members! Yay! We’re so thrilled new people came and hope they’ll come again!

Irene Hackbarth did a fantastic demo of bride and groom themed discs that would work wonderfully on both cupcakes and cookies. Hopefully someone took some photos and will send them in or post them.

Chris Cantrell made several flavours of delectable cupcakes. Yum!

We talked a lot about our upcoming Day of Sharing on Sunday, July 10. This is a day-long event filled with cake decorating demonstrations, plus you get a continental breakfast, a catered lunch, and desserts baked by our members all for only $40 if you register by June 25, $55 after that. See the link for more details and to register now! Don’t miss it!

I brought along one of my experiments that I’ll be including in my demonstration of advanced gummy techniques. I posted about it here.

And don’t forget to check out the calendar on the left side of our pages here for our upcoming classes.

There’s lots to do at Capital Confectioners, so join us whenever you can! We want to share our passion for sugar arts with you! And all funds go right back to the club so we can keep spreading the goodness throughout our community.


Fun fish cake by Kyla and Ellen.

Nothing fishy going on here, just a bunch of super cute cakes just in time for Father’s Day!  Kyla and Ellen led the 3rd Capital Confectioner’s class and showed students how to roll out and cover a cake with fondant, decorate it wish some fish features, paint with luster dust, and add fondant and modeling chocolate garnishes!

Class was great!  I believe everyone left with a smiling face except the for the fish!

Hungry for more?  Next class is on July 24th with Kimberly Chapman teaching about gummy treats!  Register here:


Today on Quick Bites, some tutorials on Father’s Day themed cakes. And don’t forget about our Father’s Day cake class: The Fish That Got Away. It’s this Sunday so sign up now if you want to attend, before the last slots fill up!

I wanted to find some non-sports/ties Father’s Day ideas since my own husband isn’t into those things, and I figured other Austin area dads are likewise more into nerd culture, but sadly searches for nerdy cake tutorials kept bringing me back to my own cakes (flattering but not so useful for my blogging here). I’ll try again for Monday’s post but for now the best I came up with was this Nerdalicious post that includes a video of how a robot cake was made. Not very fatherly, though.

Got a geek-dad cake tutorial to share? Let us know in the comments!


Don’t miss your chance to take this fabulous fun fish Father’s Day class! Spots are filling quickly so register now!

Fish Cake

Blub blub blub, you know you want to learn to make me!

Date and Time of Class:
1- 4:30PM, Sunday June 12

Help Dad catch the fish that got away with this super cute cake that’s just right for Father’s Day! No carving necessary. With just one pan, one tool and a couple of paintbrushes you can achieve this cake.

All in One Bake Shop
8566 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78758

Supply List
All included

Proceeds from this class benefit Capital Confectioners so we can keep bringing more low-cost, high-profile cake classes and events to Austin.


I just posted a lengthy and picture-filled post on my own cake/food blog about some recent volunteer classes I did with kids and why it’s so rewarding to do so:

I highly encourage anyone with cake skills to donate some time to a local school. It’s good for warm fuzzies all around!

PS, Thanks to Irene for the second turntable and to Chris W. for the edible ink pens, both of which are now in the big bucket of kid supply stuff for the club. A lot of kids are going to benefit from those donated supplies for a good long time!