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Quick Bites: Randomness

Today for Quick Bites I randomly selected four links that happened to have been plonked in a row in my list of cool things to share on this blog. Let’s see what we ended up with, shall we? Ooo, this is a good one! If you haven’t noticed, Pastry & Baking Magazine lets you read…
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June 23, 2011 0

Quick Bites: Odd Fare

Today on Quick Bites, odd things as inspired by this morning’s trending topic of “Fried Kool-Aid” on Twitter. First: a news story explaining what Fried Kool-Aid is (basically a doughnut hole with Kool-Aid in the mix). I can see that it’d just be a fruity-sweet doughnut. What do you all think? Have you tried it?…
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June 20, 2011 0

Super Quick Quick Bites

Was too busy today to put a full post together, sorry. Worked on stuff for the Day of Sharing and Gummy class most of the day. But I stumbled across more atypical Fathers’ Day stuff: Lola’s Cake posted some great dad’s hobby cupcakes on Flickr. Via Cupcakes Take The Cake. I love that they’re miniatures,…
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June 15, 2011 0

Quick Bites: Fathers’ Day Part 2

I went on a serious hunt for Fathers’ Day stuff that wasn’t ties and sports, mostly since my husband still resents the ties he had to wear to school every day growing up in Australia and isn’t interested in sports unless it’s cricket (well I did find some adorable cricket and soccer cupcakes via The…
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June 13, 2011 2

Quick Bites: Father’s Day

Today on Quick Bites, some tutorials on Father’s Day themed cakes. And don’t forget about our Father’s Day cake class: The Fish That Got Away. It’s this Sunday so sign up now if you want to attend, before the last slots fill up! If the dad in your life wears ties, or perhaps doesn’t but…
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June 10, 2011 0

Quick Bites: Random Goodies

Today on Quick Bites: no theme, just fun! Check out these cool plane cookies by Cookie Daydream. I love how she did the cloud effects. Be sure to click the image for a closer look. Fabulous! Carolyn’s Homework shows you how to turn candies into a sweet necklace. Via CraftGossip Bake Happy has a great…
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June 7, 2011 2

Quick Bites: Fun Small Things

Looks like I was so busy this weekend I missed Applesauce Cake Day on June 4 and National Gingerbread Day on June 5. Who comes up with all of these holidays anyway? Today on Quick Bites, some fun small edibles: Cake balls are awesome but also becoming pretty common, so it takes an impressive technique…
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June 6, 2011 0

Cupcake Contest

Do you like making nifty or unusual cupcakes? Do you also like taking lots of in-progress photos or videos? Want to win an iPad2? Then you’ll want to enter Instructables’ Cupcake Contest. Entries must be submitted by the end of June 19th. If you post a tutorial, let us know. We might feature it here…
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June 4, 2011 0

Member Blog Post: Bake a Wish Donations

I find donating to Bake A Wish Austin allows me to experiment with cake decorating without my family having to eat all of the results. The recipients appreciate the effort, I have an excuse to bake and play, so it’s win-win. I posted this evening about my recent two donations and what I learned as…
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June 3, 2011 0

Quick Bites: Memorial Day

Today on Quick Bites: Memorial Day cakes that do not use strawberries and blueberries to make a US flag. That’s what half the internet will show you today, but at Capital Confectioners, we like to be topical and different at the same time! US flag cakes are fairly common, especially on Memorial Day, but this…
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May 30, 2011 1