Meeting minutes- March 10, 2015

Minutes March 10-2015


Time- 7:04 pm

Welcome- Kyla debrief from cake show

New Member spotlight-Mara pastry student Acc, Jenn , April from corpus Christy,

Treasure report

  1. Show account- not in black right now about $6088
  • still need to pay instructor bottom line after everything paid about $1000 in debt so that is the best we have ever done take into account
  • cleaning linens
  • Made up the $5000 from yesterday and venue was twice as expensive. Think had about 4000 people
  1. Club account- $1309.29
  • In a few month apply for501C7 nonprofit will cost about $800 but save tons on taxes for show.
  • Taking money for dues today last years expires at the end of this month

Upcoming elections- Inform Irene by March 31 if you want to run,

Heart of the club- someone who goes above and beyond effort to help club succeed prefer not vote past winners, Bartose, Kyla, Irene, Ellen, Chris

Any new business-

Show wrap up

Thank you volunteers

4,000 people 3,200 paid people

Biggest number of cakes 240 people 346 cakes

10 show cakes 80 tasting

Facility awesome- perfect size, support of facility clean bathrooms, redo chairs, great lighting, lots of city officials showed up from Round Rock they have invited us back last full weekend in Feb we are back to our regular weekend Feb 26-27  lots of unknowns now we know a lot more for next year.

All the love the club and show got for the event.  ACD slice article on the show cake masters wants pictures have room to grow for vendors and cakes

Thank you to Committee heads-Janet, Joanne, don, Chris, Patty, Genève, Mike, Carol, Carolina, Ellen, Orelia

Irene and Kyla get an even bigger goodie bag

Everyone needs to sign thank you notes for the sponsors

Start stop continue-

What should we keep doing

  • Craigos
  • Help instructors
  • Continue to improve online registration
  • Database management on online registration- said didn’t paid when had
  • Continue Groupon
  • Continue to have Blake in registration
  • Need more programs
  • Face painting
  • 3rd spin art machine
  • Continue mini classes
  • Good vendor care
  • Continue course description maybe elaborate more
  • Monitor for classes after show
  • Don as MC
  • Micro classes
  • More fundraisers and drum up benefit
  • Better place for selling T-shirt moved back to capital confectioners
  • Update website winners and next year’s theme sooner
  • Pre draw raffle prizes
  • Promotional supplies earlier PDF,  have time
  • Lot of food was wasted on Sat
  • Jana will be Irene right hand man
  • Cut up fondant earlier kid prep earlier
  • Great fundraising bake sales and open houses going to extend gingerbread houses Mon Tue and wed before Christmas, pies pre order for thanksgiving open houses in summer, raised about $5000 for this year.
  • Patty to do art work


What should we Start

  • Start class same time as show
  • Have classes geared for kids
  • Assign appointment time registration time
  • More signage for parking in back
  • Get more people to King Arthur truck
  • Volunteers for admissions earlier
  • Start kid oriented goodie bags
  • Leave breadcrumbs for directions to venue
  • Rent arrow sign
  • Start ACD and photo online submit
  • More announcements
  • Balloon twist
  • In Good Taste
  • Start a culinary art student mystery box
  • More colors than white for kids cupcake decorating
  • Limited pantry supply for mystery box comp
  • More training for runners
  • Cake hospital
  • Kids mystery box
  • Team showcase
  • Masseuse for vendors and judges
  • Have a place to buy a slice of cake Adult concession stand
  • A senior citizen discount
  • Military
  • Late hour discount
  • Volunteer gathering before show not just work but get together mixer
  • Include culinary schools in In good taste
  • Sheet at a glance class schedule at website and registration
  • Photo booth
  • Bake sale at the show
  • Slide show for all the TVs around building
  • Fondant in baggies pre-proportioned in kid area
  • Man on the street roving reporter feature vendor, vendor highlights blue light special
  • Meet local cake decorators to help them with drum up business shop local
  • More vendor to the average person
  • Archive winners and themes of previous years
  • More emphasis on club
  • Survey general public on what they thought of the show
  • Add comment card in program area
  • Display cake area to promote local bakeries
  • Brief description for specific skills of volunteer jobs posted earlier
  • Put in Continue More clarity on people’s choice where is it how works
  • Group discount
  • Baptist kids free admission for foster, children’s home etc.

What should we stop

  • Not register your child under a different name
  • Concession stand food was bad



Put dots on item vote on best priority to change for next year.


End 8:50 pm