Meeting minutes- June 2015

June 9th 2015

7:02 pm start

New Member spotlight

  • Evon moved from Colorado pastry chef new member
  • Angie- Blue Note new to us
  • Megan moved from want likeminded people

Janet- running meeting

Irene-   show account $2325.00 2 vendors signed up

Club operating account $942.13 $144 cash on hand


If you want to purchase acrylic turntable and big 12” $12, 5” $8 4.5” $4 miniball tool set of 5 $8 old t shirts are free

Upcoming events July 12 DOS at Windham in Round rock

Classes ahead of time shoes women need 2 men need 1

Brian converse shoe

Evette brush embroidery

Jena painting

Einese shoe demo

$35 for day

Open house- this Friday and Sat volunteers to bring goodies and to work cupcake decoration, spin art dipping cookies at 11 on Thurs.

Cake show

Little different this year-

  • mini classes,
  • Longer classes during the weekend both sat and Sun next door at holiday inn.,
  • Onsite competitions change some up, and micro classes one will be tempering chocolate and tasting.
  • Changes to rules-
    • cookie will be separate from confections
    • show cake competition wedding, sculpted group and individual

Feb 22 and 23 same venue everything has been signed ready to go round rock loves us

Ices- international DOS in Portland this Sunday

Carolina member spotlight- volunteer at cake show 10 year as a hobby volunteer bake a wish loves volleyball leg injury

Dessert –Jannet, leo, Judy, AARON

Demo by Jennifer on colors

Wilton not gel color more liquidly very vibrant think this is where wilton is going and get rid of pots don’t taste flavors

True colors plant base used to work for americolor wanted a natural line

All powders some for gels some for airbrush

For gels equal parts powder and distilled water (so colors are constant, tap water seems to work as well) powder will not be the color it will finish mix use booboo stick make sure mix very particulate red is the worst cannot go from powder to icing must add water and if not fully hydrated get speckles then mix with icing 1 scoop 1 cup icing mint color

If afraid to add too much liquid start with stiff icing or add just enough water to hydrate can be thicker to 1:1 the less liquid to powder darker any leftover color suggest if it has not been added to icing keep in fridge and 24 hr room temp once in icing don’t taste but can smell real red 1.5 teaspoon powder as dark as you would want it.

1 tsp blue not dark enough for me

Color is plant base for Ph driven Lemon juice, cream of tartar can change color not as dramatic like you would think make it a little more intensify royal not as royal as want more periwinkle

Can mix color does not fade including purple to add to fondant wont get dark  liquid wold make fondant too soft  airbrush don’t mix

Orange burnt orange yellow and red

Need to play

Airbrush side

Colors don’t dissolve they suspend 1 part dry to 2 part liquid co said use water don’t do that use alcohol. Get beautiful color

Black is very black

Will have a natural shine can have others

Paint nicely with alcohol

Red more pinky

Colors layer beautiful

Some have matt finish some shine

Colors are different on paper than of fondant

Need to have in a little container and re-stir on regular bases or separate out

Colors don’t bleed into each other even with condensation

Tried in royal flood color- no bleeding hold color well definitely more expensive


Downside prep time  but people like the black is amazing

Orange- make my own fondant (with honey) makes perfect didn’t ruin my fondant


Taste testing


Over 8:10