Club Meeting Minutes – September 9 2014

Minutes are presented for member reference purposes only and should not be construed as legally representative or binding.

Capital Confectioners Club Meeting September 9, 2014

Agenda for Club Meeting on Tuesday September 9 2014:
Minutes taken by Carol Seng
Start of meeting: 7:01 pm
1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros
a. Roxanne has been decorating for 32 years and took a 9 year break now relearning.
b. Tracy came for her 8 year old daughter veronica who wants to open own bakery she likes to reads cookbooks at bed time 
3) Treasury Report
Show account $164.96
Club account $773.65
Pay pal $970.70
Club dues half way dues are now $21.00 good until March
4) Upcoming Events
a. Houston extravaganza this Sunday DOS some presenters are Debbie Brown, Ruth Ricky Sidney Gilpern
b. Oct 5 Tyler tx Ices Dos
c. Nov 09 Gardenridge Texas Ices
d. Cypress??? Sept 27??
e. Reindeer class coming up in San Antonio
f. Oct 19 Mikes fish class $75
g. Charlotte wanting to know how to get more info on what is going on in the Club
h. Peggie Tucker Susan Carbarry class Christmas cake Nov 2nd and 3rd
5) New Business-
a. Lawsuit- The business bellow the broken bathroom at the cake show is suing the club for $100,000-$200,000 suit for water damage caused by the broken bathroom. They said there was cake batter and egg shells in the sink. We are still in the discovery phase
i. What we know
1. We are asking anyone who can remember anything related to the bathroom to come forward and tell their story.
2. We placed a sign as soon as we realized there was a problem saying do not use. There was also pluming problems in other areas of the building over the same timeline.
3. We have event insurance and there is a 50/50 chance the insurance will cover the lawyers’ fees. It is required that we pay a minimum of 10 hours to the lawyer and that will come to $1,500.
4. We are bringing cross claim with ACC maintenance since we notified them immediately of the problem. We think the leaking was happening before the show.
5. If go to trial we don’t feel that the jury would hold us responsible for plumbing when we rented the facility for the weekend
6. Worst case scenario we file bankruptcy dissolve club and reform under a different name
7. We may need to create a cake show entity for protection
8. This needs to be taken seriously but we should go about daily life
b. September bake sale we made about $900
c. Next bake sale on Oct 30th for Halloween choosing just before holiday so room is open because now classes and then business parties
6) Member Spotlight
a. Jennifer Gonzalas-Update office cake kitchen frosted house out of home been great Evette took under wing and show how not to be afraid of cakes sense of support of cake community made worthwhile started figuring out how to make a Tinkerbelle cake for daughter and got hooked so that the daughter recognized Tinkerbelle
b. Kelly Masters came – testing process book is downloadable every recipe has a chart to tell you on 24 recipes not all are usable but all important $9.00 pdf ebook
7) Dessert Break – Leo Monroy and Chris Cantrell

8) Demo Jennifer Bartos of
Blind sample fondant taste test
Fat daddies is going to be coming out with a fondant
Taste test
1. Renshaw
2. Fat Daddios
3. Wilton
4. Satin
5. Fondex
Coloring -have to do but hate
1) Butter cream can color with gel, paste, straight powder (leave grain) luster (will loose luster) or petal dust does beautiful
2) Chocolate can mix oil based colors (6 colors can get very dark vibrant colors) gel (require 4:1 of color flo), paste (require 4:1 of color flo), straight powder (leave grain) luster (will loose luster) or petal dust all in straight powder leave specks
3) Modeling chocolate- when matching take into account the base color
4) Painting and using dry
a. On dry RI petal dust just sheen
i. Vodka nicer petal dust
ii. Adams Lemon extract luster dust
1. Leave extract out for a couple of hours to make more concentrated for the metallic colors
b. Paint with gel has particulates even with alcohol or extract
i. Sugar flair paste with alcohol
ii. Paint with airbrush colors not gels use full strength or add alcohol to lighten color
iii. To paint on black white airbursh almost faint white gel way to go
c. Powder not great see grains even in cake batter good for sugar skulls good for sanding sugar
d. Dusts are good for plain dragees
e. Gels can go bad and ruin flavor

make purple icing better to use blue and red not purple color so won’t change colors like regal purple to blue and violet go pail.
For true red
1. Start with pink deep then add red to make a better red
2. walk away and come back
3. equal amounts of red pink and orange tiny tiny drop of black or brown for an antique red
1. Chefmester uses black geen add purple add opposite on color wheel
2. Americolor purple hue add green
Christine colors- cake connection line of color petal and lusters edible dust food grade colors list ingredients paid fee to FDA to be called
7 certified food colors that is it combine to make
Americolor- say may have one of the seven
Wilton paste color list exactly which ones are listed colors are nice now mixed in nicely now well done
Sugar art pearl dust- may contain seven and mica is in it not considered food doesn’t interact
Powder food color only has color there is nothing else not cut with anything

Titanium dioxide not counted
Disco Dust highlighter no were in the world is it food safe a little will not kill you but a lot may be great make sure your customers know that there are small pieces of plastic some looks can only come from disco dust try to put on something that can be removed wilton and CK have a substitute but not quite as good
Dragees silver balls are not a food item FDA miniscule amounts other countries are ok with it
Meeting ends: 8:42 pm