Club Meeting Minutes- September 8, 2015

Capital Confectioner’s Club

Meeting: September 8, 2015


  • Welcome- Kyla
  • New Member Intros- Kelly Smith into by accident boss asked for a monthly birthday cake and snowballed.
  • Treasure Report- Irene everything going great
    1. Bake sale $1857.37 (2/3 of venue payment)
    2. December gingerbread (last year about $5,000)
    3. Cake show account $6377.06 include vendor payments, start some class payments
    4. Club count-$2710.67
    5. member $36 fee
  • Wrap up open house- beach raised ($1857.37)
    1. Done until Christmas pre-register Mon, Tues, Wed all day all 3 days and 2 evenings one adult BYOB almost sold out probably be able to sell out all slots (about $10,000) with a bake sale sell individual  cupcakes, cookies,
    2. Only about 4-5 packs didn’t sell but Jennifer sold some after the day.
  • Upcoming Events-
    1. Volunteer meeting
      1. Next Tues at IHOP 290 and 35 meeting at 6:00 pm-over around 9:00 ish
        1. These are the openings we have
        2. Volunteer opportunities for established areas and new ones.
  • Volunteer any level


  1. General Cake Show excited to have us back 27-28 of February
    1. Run by Round Rock already retweeting
    2. Classes are starting to be listed we have all the info just still putting it on the web
    3. Sept 15 is new goal to have them up. 50 apps for 24 spots some new some bilingual
    4. Come to meeting next week can have feedback or just volunteer for the weekend, some can do from home
    5. Any amount of time is great 125 volunteers needed
    6. Lots to do the week and weekend before


  • Member Spotlight- Kim Chapman back from England British Sugarcraft guild club moves slow looked for cake people. Go to their meeting regional shows have completion does miniature and they don’t know how to judge will be tasted  ooh I am colonial   won the trophy  no prizes  and to be a stranger a win the trophy but have to return it .
  • Dessert Break- Judy Yhu, Patti Maddox Wright, Russell Murphy
  • Demo- Mike Guerrero DEMO RKT figures
    1. Kwaii, Kokoshi
    2. 2 shapes then decorate anyway you want
    3. Make RKT leave out butter just cereal grind and use only marshmallows still cover with chocolate
    4. If use store bought cover in candy melts 2 times first to fill holes 2nd to smooth. Micro planer to smooth RKT
    5. Use how to draw pics on line
    6. For balls use a lollie-pop already have a stick dampen with piping gel
    7. Might have to put several layers of fondant to get ball big enough smooth out
    8. After chocolate is hard cut off edges like curling ribbon can use a knife or old fashion potato peeler to smooth put however many layers needed to get smooth
    9. Panel fondant on body gum glue or water, piping gel.
    10. Predrill hole before put head on body.
    11. For attaching ears make the base a suction cup
    12. Sugar shapers Regular size 6 and 8
    13. Flesh tone buy Wilton
    14. Ivory and warm brown for flesh tone 1:1 ratio sometimes deep pink or burgundy but VERY sparingly
  • Over 8:27 pm