Club Meeting Minutes – September 10 2013

Minutes are presented for member reference purposes only and should not be construed as legally representative or binding.

Cake Club Meeting minutes Sept 10 2013

Officers in attendance

Kyla, Tien, Irene, Kimberly
Officers absent: Gwen, Christine

New members

Jasmine Fine, found through Kimberly and food blogs

Treasurer Report

Cake Show Account: $129.73
Club’s Checking Account: $2350.88
we are currently debt free
For Day of Sharing we made $3,134.01

new members joining tonight will pay only $18 prorated for half the year

New Business

Next cake show planning meeting: September 12, 6:30 pm, open to all

Member Spotlight

Christie Stephens
started with Wilton classes
runs the show’s registration area and served as secretary for three years
favorite cake: chocolate with vanilla icing

Jennifer Bartos announced upcoming classes with Sidney Galpern in October (12, 13, and 14th), including free demos in advance of classes. She’ll be covering casting and blowing in isomalt. See for details.

Jennifer then did the demonstration of basic airbrush techniques along with equipment information and care.