Club Meeting Minutes – October 8 2013

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October 8 2013 Club Meeting Minutes

Board members present

Kyla, Tien, Irene, Kimberly
Absent: Gwen, Christine

New Members

Salmia, just moved to Austin, loves baking, going to Escofier
Endica, been baking 11 yrs, SAHM
Farah, SAHM 4 yo 6yo,

Membership 36, currently prorated to 18


Wells Fargo Account: 2334.88
Frost Account: 1995.53

New Business

Jennifer classes with Sidney

Cake Show

Feb 22 23
pies pastries tarts
candies cookies canned
farm to table
entry should up be up soon on web
Dorothy Klerk

Halloween Wars

Member Spotlight

Carol Seng, moved from Waco in July
been doing cakes for 10 years
does marathons, will do austin iron man oct 27th
just got 1st cake order since moving here, zebra stripes