Club Meeting Minutes – October 14 2014

Minutes are presented for member reference purposes only and should not be construed as legally representative or binding.

Capital Confectioners Club Meeting October 14, 2014

Agenda for Club Meeting on Tuesday Oct 14 2014:
Minutes taken by Carol Seng
Start of meeting: 7:01 pm
1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros
a. Clarisa
b. Deanna
c. Natasha
3) Treasury Report
Show account $3741.45
Club account $413.36
Pay pal $653.68
Club dues half way dues are now $21.00 good until March
4) Upcoming Events
a. October bake sale- Oct 30 we have been making about $1000 each. Please bring day before or first thing in the morning.
b. Christmas party- Dec 7th or Dec 14 start party at 3:00. suggested Sunday afternoon just a tentative Jennifer Bartos house club pays for meat everyone else brings a side dish etc. and cookie exchange (think ~ 3 doz and if want to make a doz for a troop)
5) New Business-
a. Status of law suits- there is a cross suite to mall and rental so our suit is now on hold
b. DOS nov 9 Tx Ices San Antonio garden ridge area hands on
c. Cake show director- see handout of Jennifer Bartos
6) Member Spotlight
a. Deana- single mom computer geek going to culinary art in Jan want to open Red shirt bakery geek cakes makes cakes bread and cookies edible fan art to get around copy right 2 kids love cooking to.
7) Dessert Break – Carol Seng Kendal Cusick
8) Demo – Irene Hackbarth
Erlene moore did the orig demo she gave her blessing to do the demo
Make a basket or cake topper
1. fig out size you want and get form cover with plastic so Gumpaste will come off
2 . what kind of medium you want to use suggest Gumpaste or fondant with Tylose
250 g (4 oz, ¼ lb) fondant to ½ tsp Tylose mix and let sit half hour
2. can put a handle on basket
3. make base choose a cutter ¾ to 1’ larger than what you want place over form and fold edge over leave alone let dry at least a day
4. have a dry base then you can build on it can use as a basket of flip it over and then cake topper
5. to make dome use a flower former then royal icing flowers on it
6. can use basket bottom and add 4 feet
7. for your basket sides use molds like from Dominiqu or Erlene Moore
a. get a large stencil brush cover bristle with a piece of cloth and pounce hard
8. can use q tip to apply piping gel then throw away don’t ruin brush
9. run piping gel along top edge and glue on bottom rim
10. not limited to just molds can use leaf cutter and then veiner
11. can make a ring lower down and let dry and then add pieces to connect the top and bottom for an open basket

Time over: 8:56 pm