Club Meeting Minutes- October 13,2015

Capital Confectioner’s Club Minutes

Meeting: October 13, 2015


Time start: 7:04 pm

  • Welcome- Kyla
  • New Member Intros- Jennifer Cline all things cake related love.
  • Treasure Report- Irene
    1. Cake show account- can break up payments 5 times for classes
      1. $6935.96 add $485.42 in paypal
    2. Club account $279.52
    3. Member $36 dollars for full year but now prorated to $18
  • Member Spotlight- none
  • Committee Head announcements
    1. Competitor registration- Don and Blake
    2. Audio visual- Mike
    3. Awards show- Tien
    4. Signage committee- Pattie
    5. Micro and onsite completion- Pattie
    6. In Good taste- Genieve
    7. Supplies/ mini classes/ hospital- Janett, Joanne
    8. Communications- Tien
    9. Marketing and PR- Sara
    10. Onsite class registration- Carol
    11. Raffles- Janna/Irene
    12. Capital confection booth- Irene
    13. Vendor hospitality- Megan
    14. Decoration Station- Chris
    15. Hospitality- jannet and Margret
    16. Judge Liaison- Shellie
    17. Tasting Competition- Gwen
    18. General Admission- Carolina
    19. Bake Sale committee- Still need head but Russell will help
    20. Volunteer committee-Ellen and Judy
    21. Kids class- Kimberly (high probability)
  • Go to website and register to volunteer
  • Volunteer recruitment for Cake Show need about 150
    1. Incentives-
      1. Free admission for whole weekend
      2. Order staff t shirt at cost (approx. $10)
  • For every hour you work get a raffle ticket up to 30 hours
  1. Work 10 hours get additional
    1. Ticker to micro class or raffle
    2. Vendors give discount don’t know which one
    3. Volunteer only raffle
    4. If work during lunch we will feed you
  2. Try to put you were you want to go but not guaranteed
  • Dessert Break- Carolina Davila, and Shellie Campos
  • Demo- Kim Chapman Bloody skulls
    1. Eat-the-evidence blog new different things zombie rat that bleeds
      1. Edible blood- .5 cup corn syrup, Red food coloring just a little not much, 1 table spoon cornstarch, 1-2 tablespoons Hershey chocolate syrup, 1 tsp coco powder mix in (you have not wrecked it)   looks too dark can thin with water but can’t make it too much thicker
      2. Buy skull cake pan in Jan not in Oct cost fortune now takes one box mix. trim to line for back of skull bake then ice for front of skull just level not at the vague line
  • Now to make it bleed can’t just put in cake it will absorb, can’t just put in fondant because it get gloopy use modeling chocolate. Maybe 50/50 modeling chocolate and fondant use corn starch not powder sugar.  Roll thin then make a cylinder (don’t put in the fridge)
  1. Cut at brow line of cake put top in fridge to keep firm slight angle measure from board (~4 “ ) cut approx. 4”x4” just make sure it fits) form into a tube but does not have to be pretty but it must be sealed.  Cut a small piece for  plug at bottom then fill almost to top but not all the way then plug the top.
  2. Cut a hole in the cake to put plug into it. The plug is heavy so if putting on tiers must sure up bottom or it will sink.
  3. Can put plug in fridge before inserting into cake
  • Put a little frosting into hold skull cap on
  • Get more modeling chocolate rolled thin and cover back of cake put jagged edges toward front use cake pan (clean pan really well never use flour spray) so when put modeling chocolate in it to get details of pan
  1. Airbrush or black wilton can spray get
  2. Tell them were to cut to get the best goo factor
  3. Blood wont set up will keep oozing
  • Put on like a mask

Finish 9:00 pm