Club Meeting Minutes – November 12 2013

Minutes are presented for member reference purposes only and should not be construed as legally representative or binding.

Club Meeting Minutes – November 12 2013

Officers Present

Kyla, Irene, Kimberly, Tien

New People


Treasurer’s report

club account 2364.91
cake show account 6292.36 includes pending purchase for medals already subtracted, plus some paypal funds that need to be moved over

club dues currently prorated at $15, last night for that, goes back to full $36 in january
if you join before cake show, you will also get perk given to people who join at the show

New business

Casey is selling her hobart mixer for $800

Upcoming events

xmas party dec 8, let Kyla know if you didn’t get evite
4 pm, cookie exchange, bring 3 dozen packed in bags of twos and recipes, 4th dozen for troops if you wish
club supplies meat, volunteer to supply desserts, sides, paper goods, etc.

Heidi who works at MIS had double knee replacement, encountered infections and difficulties, in rehab for last 8 weeks

Cake show – Jennifer

registration is online for testing, should be open soon
still waiting on class info from some instructors, coming soon
45 mini classes
Colette Peters coming
Dorothy Klerck coming from South Africa
Marina and James teaching a class together, steampunk wedding cake
Lauren and Nick teaching a class together, Marie Antoinette
Mike McCarey structure class
all of those after, but one before will be a group of people working with Karen Portoleo at the venue to work on a large display cake for our theme
many vendors already signed up, including chef rubber as a sponsor and vendor
really fun hands on competitions, including mystery baskets, one tip, all participants get what’s in the basket, plus cake club challenge based on the theme
ordered medals, lapel pins
hospitality needs to get together and confirm catering
gelatin and isomalt vendors are offering special segments of competition, one for gelatin work (Cake Connections), one for isomalt (Simi Cakes), cake will be in standard division but you ask to be considered for special awards, these may change year to year, apply when checking in
will be doing groupon again
Brian Stevens offered to do design help for show cakes, maybe do in lieu of club meeting in december
Genevieve: email list for volunteers, not committing yet but she wants to compile names, it’s on website on under contact

Member spotlight

Anne Harper
background in science, ran emergency lab, was in medical non practice, realized she liked chemistry of baking and pastry, so went to culinary school
never thought she’d specialize in cakes because she thought she was terrible at it, they tasted good but didn’t look pretty
someone ran up to her and said it’s just a cake, just do it, if it’s a mess start over, it was Bronwyn Weber
Bronwyn suggested all her students join the cake club