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Capital Confectioners Club Meeting November 11, 2014

Agenda for Club Meeting on Tuesday November 11 2014:
Minutes taken by Carol Seng
Start of meeting 7:03 pm
1) Welcome – Janett
2) New Member Intros
a. Debbie Ann
3) Treasury Report
Show account $ 1983.78
Cash on hand $ 114.50
Club account $ 475.20
Cash on hand $32.86
Pay pal $ 198.15
Club dues half way dues are now $18.00 good until March
Jan start at $36 for renewal
4) Upcoming Events
a. October bake sale- Thurs $430.00 Leftovers the next day $80.00 total $510.00. People who came bought but kids were in school and there are a lot of sugar from Halloween
b. Dec bake sale Dec 23- possible idea make gingerbread house for about $20 ea make a family event maybe less bake sale possible simple cakes, pies, cake balls
i. Irene is taking money for candy donation for the Dec bake sale gingerbread house
ii. Gingerbread houses donated by Make it Sweet we need to put together on the Dec 22 after 1:00 pm
iii. Cookies- members can make and bring in naked sugar cookies and Gingerbread and people can decorate people along with the house.
iv. Make pies instead of other items for members
c. Christmas party- Sun Dec 14 at 3:00 at
i. Jennifer’s house
ii. 8004 Hendricks Dr, Austin 78729
iii. cell 512-740-8308
iv. Club will buy meat and everyone else bring a side dish and dessert, beverage, wine, beer etc is ok
v. Evite will be sent out
vi. Cookie exchange 3 doz cookies (bars, candy etc) pre wrapped into 18 packages can hand out recipe as well zip locks are fine easy to pick up
5) New Business-
a. Cake show- progressing
i. In good taste- Genève invite pastry chefs from around town to compete sell tickets to that event and then taste and vote for best way to branch out and get new people into the
ii. Some classes are starting to show up and only the ones taught before the show can be purchased yet.
iii. San Antonio DOS 4 people from here and 50 people capped had assigned seating
6) Member Spotlight
a. Endica Bazan 2001 start birthday parties make on own books just hobby family friends 4 kids 15-3
7) Dessert Break – Janett and Cinthya
8) Demo- Carol Seng
How to make buttercream or royal icing roses

Time over: 8:30 pm


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