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Minutes for Capital Confectioners – May 14 – 2013

Board members in attendance:

Kyla Myers, Irene Hackbarth, Christie Stephens (outgoing), Kimberly Chapman (incoming)
Board members absent: Tien Bui, Gwen Drake, Christine Brown

Kyla welcomed group, announced election results. Incumbents all re-elected except Christie Stephens who stepped down as secretary. Kimberly Chapman elected into that role.

Kyla thanked Christie for serving as secretary.

New members introduced.

Treasurer Report

In the cake show acct, Frost
922.01 working capital
All expenses have been met for show with exception of cleaning table cloths.

In the Wells Fargo acct, club acct

Paypal acct
312.66 of that is registration for classes before DoS
Other 500ish needs to be divided between show subscriptions payments and club dues.

We still have a net of $88 that should be coming in from subscription payments.

Day of Sharing will be our fundraiser to get the club acct to a more comfortable zone and use it as benchmark money for next year’s cake show.

Membership is $36 and gets 10% at MIS and Larry’s Arts and Crafts in Houston, and Amazing Cakes with Yvette Humbert.

Upcoming Events

Texas Ices has DoS on June 23rd in Waco. If you are an ICES member it is an election meeting. If you are an ICES member they usually don’t charge for that DoS since it is a voting meeting. See ICES.org. This year the annual convention will be in Lexington, KY is the 8-11th of August. You don’t have to be a member to attend a DoS but you get in cheaper. Membership is $60 per year.

Day of Sharing

We will have good stuff for our raffles
August 4, still seeking venue
Stephen Benison coming from UK
He will be doing two half day classes that will include tools as part of the fee.
Classes will be at MIS
He will be doing a two-day class as well $275
ACC offered a facility but it’s not open on Sunday, will check to see if they’ll make an exception

Kimberly announced new paper form for getting folks to sign up for desserts and demos. Kyla mentioned previous suggestion to have multiple people bring dessert. Several new folks signed up on the paper form. Secretary will now be in charge of managing the form, entering names on the Meetup, and sending out email reminders to those who have signed up a week before meetings.

Member spotlight

Jacqueline Kock – http://www.1derfulbakes.com/
comes from Chile, has been here 9 years, is registered nurse but stopped working when she had triplet boys, started doing cake decoration 3 years ago, a year ago started a small home business decorating
Last week was on TV, univision, interview will appear on her website
Today is asking for taste testing on commercial corn bread shes making with her husband and a questionnaire

Cottage Bill Update

Cottage bill made it through committee, contact Lt Gov Dewhurst and ask for bill to be put to vote on HB 970 in the Senate. Blog post made.

Renee’s Demo

put coloured sugar between two silpats in the oven to create garnishes
silpat for macarons
fleximolds for pies, cheesecake filling and then dip it in graham crackers without having to make a crust
phoenixcakes at yahoo.com


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