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Capital Confectioners Club Meeting May 13, 2014

Officers present

Kyla, Irene, Joanne, Kimberly

New People

Kristen, learned from her mom, new hobby, works in health IT
Christie, just moved to Austin from South Carolina, starting a business
Rebecca, hobbyist for a few years

Irene: election results

two contested positions, VP and historian
VP was closest race we had, Janett won by one vote
historian was between Gwen/Christine, Nora, and Joanne
Kyla: thanked outgoing board members Tien Bui, Gwen Drake, Christine Brown

Member Spotlight

Joanne Trcka, teacher by day, decorator by night
been in club for several years, started because she wanted to do cakes for her kids
loves the club, everyone is kind and generous, shares info

Treasurer Report

Frost (cake show) $3954.21, after subscription payments come in
still have one outstanding debt: cleanign of the linens and tablecloths, will be about $2500
Wells Fargo (operating account): 3094.86
Paypal: 393.52 (club dues that have been paid, DoS registrations)

Coming Events

North Texas Cake show this coming weekend
– sports themed

Day of Sharing

July 20
Dina Collins
Sweet Southern Ladies are our headliners, personal engagement cakes, two day class (pictures coming any day now)
beach theme
$35 until July 6, then $45 after that and at the door
Irene will do it for $30 tonight
members asked to bring desserts
back to the Wingate
raffle – kitchenaid, pasta attachments for the kitchenaid as a separate raffle, we don’t solicit from the big vendors like we do for cakeshow so please use your 40% off coupon and donate items


adding emotions to faces by Kimberly Chapman of http://eat-the-evidence.com


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