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Capital Confectioners Club Meeting June 10, 2014

Officers present:

Kyla Myers, Irene Hackbarth, Kimberly Chapman, Joanne Trcka, Janett Spivey

New Members:

– Renee, makes cookies, looking for resources and info and improve schools, beginner

Treasurer Report – Irene

show account $3954.21 (that’s what it will be when all subscription payments are in)
linens still need cleaning for $2500
club account including Paypal $4135.42, half of which is day of sharing registration

$5 discount for registering for Day of Sharing today

Upcoming Events

– Kyla discussed DoS basics
– Craig Os will cater
– Ellen listed the volunteer areas needed: registration, show set-up, breakdown, lunch set up/serving, food donations (dessert, breakfast)
– Carol and Chris will collaborate with a wave/surfer cake

– show date change because of venue, Kyla described Round Rock Sports Center, only open since January, 50,000 sq ft, lots of bathrooms, classroom space, 21/22nd of February was only weekend they had available

Member Spotlight

Carol Seng
– just turned 40, five years ago she was in the hospital and couldn’t move, she decided to do Iron Man, succeeded and got her medal, 2.4 mile swim followed by 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run, have to do it in 17 hours, she did it in 16 hours 49 minutes, kids call her Iron Mom, now she’s going back to cakes
– every morning she got up, sent kids to school, do one to one and a half hours of training, doing a sprint after the DoS

Other Business

– Chris Cantrell brought in article about Don Beard’s adopted son, a rescue baby who now has graduated from high school
– home baker FB group has ported over to a group for licensed food handlers only
– others started a new group called Deep in the Heart of Bakers
– do online class for $10 to get license, very short, have to have that to sell out of your home
– Kyla gave details about Louisiana show conflict, reiterated that we had no choice because of venue and our show has traditionally been the last full weekend of February anyway

Dessert Break

– desserts by Carol Seng and Jana Kay Dodd

Special Fundraiser

– Open House at Make It Sweet, July 1 and 2
– have a club bake sale at same time
– bring desserts, patriotic theme
– bring things to MIS by 10 am or the Monday before when they’re open
– can have your business name on it, bring business cards if you want
– kids activities for a charge for fundraiser as well
– volunteering possibilities to help run stuff
– 10 am to 7 pm


Jennifer of http://makeitsweet.com/ presenting Edible Images
– so much more than just slapping one on a cake
– need to have a printer that is dedicated to food only, but ink clogs up if you don’t use it regularly
– hands on project making a flower with petals made from patterned image paper


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