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Capital Confectioners Club Meeting July 8, 2014

Officers present:

Kyla Myers, Irene Hackbarth, Kimberly Chapman, Joanne Trcka, Janett Spivey

New Members:

– Adriana King, cottage food producer from Round Rock
– Lisa Ford
– Nicole Peralta (Veronica’s daughter)
– Tina, bakes cakes from home in El Paso, just moved here

Treasurer Report – Irene

Frost (cake show account): $3880.98
Paypal: about $550 to come in from subscriptions
Bake sale brought in $1100
Club account (Wells Fargo): $5840.57
$755.72 in Paypal to come to WF account

Still have outstanding expense from cake show for cleaning of table cloths, should be around $2500.

$36 annual dues go to next March

DoS price went up to $45 yesterday, but Irene will let anyone tonight register at the $35 rate

Upcoming Events:

– Kim explained the basics of a DoS for new members
– Irene and Kyla listed some of the raffle items
– Kim listed volunteer positions

New Business

– Kim going away to England for a year but board has requested she not resign due to projects underway, Carol Seng volunteered take club meeting minutes

Member Spotlight

Genevieve Levicki
– been in Austin for 3 years, doing cakes since 2009, has own company called Nerd for Cakes
– geek culture, nerd culture, did two cakes for Google

Dessert Break

– desserts by Janett Spivey, Joanne Trcka


Kyla Myers, http://crazycakes.com
– wafer paper flowers
– wafer paper is made from potato starch, oil, water
– Lisa Berczel wets wafer paper and puts it on molds
– Carolyn Mangold makes curls around straws
– flowers are cut form the paper, painted, curled and affixed to wires, and then assembled like a regular flower


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