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July 2013 club meeting minutes

Board Members present

Kyla, Irene, Kimberly
Absent: Tien, Gwen and Christine (although Gwen and Christine arrived later)

New Members

Two new members gave very quick introductions (one was the husband of a member who couldn’t be here but sent him to see the demo)

Treasurer’s Report

In the Cake Show account: $129.73
In the club account: $1480.80
Day of Sharing funds in the Paypal account 2543.74

Day of Sharing

Kyla summed up DoS Registration information, $10 off for members
Kyla described Stephen Benison’s classes

Volunteers needed for DoS
we need volunteers on site and desserts, breakfast
meeting on Wednesday at 6:30, anyone invited who wants to work on DoS
donations for raffle needed
raffle packing will be on Thursday July 25th at 2:00 pm at Make it Sweet, plus the next day if needed, and Friday will also be for packing goodie bags. Volunteers needed.

Member Spotlight

Was supposed to be Monica but she wasn’t there, so it was changed to Mike Guerrero.
He used to do star tip character pan cakes but then saw fancier stuff and knew he could do that
did cake for daughter roller skating lego fig
been doing this for 5 years

Irene offered club business cards to anyone who wants to pass them out.


Mike’s demo on armatures
mitre box for cutting dowels
use anvil cutters, shears for cutting dead wood, versus regular shears for cutting live plants
get the ones with smaller anvil so it doesn’t crush the side as much
sand off any splintering
use mannequin to establish poses
thicker gauge wire, 16/18 gauge, use between dowels as flexible joints (need heavy duty wire cutters, floral wire cutters won’t work)
use about an inch of wire, drill about half inch into dowel, spray paint bit to measure depth
when drilling use clamp, Lowe’s has ones with grooves that hold dowel
screw puncher to help center holes
1/16” bit for 16ga wire, 1/4” bit to make a hole for ¼ dowel rods
look up screw number and drill hole online
make food safe with Press’n’Seal, attaches well to wood, cut strips, do bandage like wrap
piping gel to make sticky for rice krispy treats, fondant, modeling chocolate, etc.

Jennifer Product Demo
Scroll impressions by http://autumncarpenter.com/
spray Pam or similar on it
Vegaline is Jennifer’s favourite spray for cake pans etc
but corn starch is the best way to get fondant out of sticking cutters
roll fondant over the impression (instead of usual other way) then peel off impression mat
dust with pearl dust or colour to bring out texture
also new cutters with sizes to layer


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