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Capital Confectioners Meeting – January 14 2014

Officers present

Kyla, Tien, Irene, Kimberly

New Members


Treasurer’s Report

club account: 1741.32
show: 13,379.39 plus paypal $6159.20

Cake Show

Genevieve: told people to sign up on volunteer list
some volunteers report not getting email

venue is closed, meeting space is hard to come by
checked f1 race track, far out, expensive
almost had to cancel show, but calls came through from ACC pastry program
Highland Mall, empty stores and upper section
owe a debt of gratitude to Acc for this
need to redo design, do rentals, logistics
paying less than at NAEC
other expenses will probably eat difference
need to start meeting with committees
will be recognizing ACC contribution as a sponsor, may continue in future years
ton of free parking, on rail line, on bus lines, 24 hour security
will do wristband only access to certain parts
some cakes will be in the windows of stores
courtyard public onsite comp
space constraint

Member spotlight

Yvette Humbert
joined after lost her children clothing stores after 9/11, went crazy doing nothing had grandchild turning 1
would rather teach
has line of chef coats, colours, at show, in production right now


Kendal and Glenda


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