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Capital Confectioners Club Meeting January 13 2015

Agenda for Club Meeting on Tuesday January 13 2015:
Minutes taken by Carol Seng
Start of meeting 7:04 pm
1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros
a. Josh-
b. Adrian
3) Treasury Report
4) Venue paid for
Show account $ 1462.16
Cash on hand $
Club account $ 444.61
Cash on hand $
Pay pal $
Club dues half way dues are now $ 36.00 good now through March of 2016
Cash check or charge
5) Upcoming Events
a. December bake sale- net $2275.48 83 gingerbread houses
b. Start thinking of ways to improve next year
6) New Business-
a. Cake show- progressing
i. Jennifer hands out all the paperwork for entry/rules for show
ii. Talk about the different classes
iii. In good taste- Sunday tasting $10 presale $12 at the door to taste max 300 people you taste and you score need help to deliver invitations they are grouped by areas in Austin will get credit hours for raffle tickets must go out this week
iv. Sign up for volunteer hours 4 hrs free admission need a lot on Friday set up and Sunday take down sign up so they can get the schedule done
v. If you have not already done so on facebook like that takes the cake and capital confections so we can get the word out also click get notifications
vi. Pattie- needs volunteers
1. Micro classes and Mystery box- onsite competition
a. They will be alternating on the stage
b. 60 people can pay $10 to do hands on
c. There will be additional seating further out to watch for free
2. Micro Classes are
i. Held by Sidney Galpern about 30 min
ii. Dominique on molds
iii. King Arthur not sure
iv. Ruth Ricky coloring
3. Mystery Box Challenge
a. 8 individuals compete. They know theme but don’t know what they will be working with 1st place $50 vendor
b. Themes
i. Alice in wonderland
ii. Little mermaids
iii. Mother goose
iv. Final competition Choose fairy tale or nursery rhyme
vii. Platinum sponsors
1. Imperial sugar
a. Provide divisional competition cash prices
b. Goodie bag has powder sugar, granulated sugar, coupons
c. Will have a booth handing out all kinds of things
2. Innovative sugar works- kacy lackey developed cool tools clay tools sugar shapers ends different turn table extender donated about $3000 product
7) Member Spotlight
a. Debbie young- hobby family and friends- fudge job manage payroll dept. likes to take classes married no kids like to take classes
8) Kelly Masters- new bill under advisement
a. Cottage food virtually no regulations
b. Some states allow license to do more
i. Judith idea not a cottage food bill drafting now someone will file session started today theory we become license and inspector would come to home to check it may impose some rules fee pay
ii. No income cap
iii. Whole sale and resale in a coffee shop anywhere sales
iv. Increase allowed foods any non-potential hazardous some canned, some potential hazardous like Cheesecake, pumpkin pie
v. Shipping within Texas
vi. Farm and ranch freedom alliance Texas bakers bill
9) DOS June 28 working on Julia Usher
10) Dessert Break – Christy and Don
11) Demo- Mike Guerrero
Making the matchbox car
Silver airbrush to give it a clear looking sheen
To make a bag- find a container fill up then swish around let dry and add another coat. The more coats the more cloudy.
To make
1 pack gelatin to ¼ cup water cool to bloom 5-10 min
Knox gelatin is pig
great lakes brand is beef
Can order some on line that is really clear

Cook in 15 sec intervals until no longer cloudy see white foam

Add color after microwave Use airbrush color Add1 drop stir Can dust after

Wait for bubbles to rise to the top create a thin film as it cools then lift film off then it is ready to use

Pour onto plastic good for gelatin not silicon mats (plastic cars, cutting boards)
don’t brush swish then pour off excess
Can do brush thicker
Can add wire to keep shape
30 to 22 gauge to imbed prefer 30 g
Can preset the wire before pour let dry then cut off excess wire
If want thicker let dry 10 min then do again

Let cool almost 2 hr dip wire then attach that to the gel sheet
Do you need to worry about shrinkage dip and attach prevents the buckling from shrinkage

Have to have patient 8-10 hours for it to dry
To speed up
Oven with light on
Fan on low
Container with rice
Once dry cut out with scissors
Punches don’t work cracks it
Stick together with piping gel not water will dissolve
Christy put wafer paper and disco dust while wet

If try to paint after it is dry use Everclear so evaporates quickly

Time over 8:51pm


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