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Capital Confectioners’ Club Meeting – February 11, 2014

Officers present

Kyla, Tien, Irene, Kimberly

New Members


Treasurer Report

Club account: $1850.78
Frost (cake show): $45637.96
Paypal: $1859.22


– Deadline to get on ballot is March 31

New Business

March 23 DoS Texas Ices College Station
May 4th San Antonio DoS
Free Demo at MIS on Thursday this week 5-5:45, Jenny Spinner from Cake Play and Peggy Tucker doing Isomalt demo
Debbie Brown classes in San Antonio May 24-25, little kid pirate and a brand new class using the princess from Frozen

Member Spotlight

Brenda Saxon, been a member for a year but hasn’t been coming because of life stuff, pneumonia
took Wilton classes, 3 years ago started teaching Wilton classes at Hobby Lobby in Cedar Park
took some classes from Jennifer, learned about cake club
very thankful for those who got cottage food law passed
has been to the cake show, taken classes, looking forward to volunteering this year

Kyla on the importance of friends in the club, how we have each others’ backs for cake stuff and other stuff

Dessert by Carol Seng and Anne Harper

Cake Show Update

a week from tomorrow we get our keys for Highland Mall, the next day Freeman comes to set up
Friday: tablecloths etc
draft of handout
encouraging people to bring cakes Friday night, conflict with parking on Saturday with AISD event
schedule overview
miniclass overview
onsite competition overview
CakeFu live demo
mystery basket overview, invitation to participate
Highland mall still operating, ACC turning it into class space but also event space, so we may be able to do this again if we like it
wherever there’s cake there’ll still be pipe and drape behind it, also putting pipe in front to keep people from touching cakes
vendors in rooms with cakes too, cakes in back to draw people by vendors
adult beginner starts in room 3 on map, the hall is all child/junior/teen/culinary
volunteers check in at registration area
contestant registration: 193 registered, bringing 291 divisional entries, 109 tasting entries, showcakes 21 (15 paid)
registrations are low for celeb classes
registration ends on Sunday
Groupon goes out on Sunday for general admission, two for one adult admission
volunteer stuff: Saturday at MIS, raffles, badges, signs, etc., Sunday if needed, check Meetup and social media, then next Wednesday there will be prep cleanup, start at 11, Ellen will send that for volunteers, Thursday at 2 volunteers needed for setup, Friday 9 am to 8 pm, especially afternoon to evening
Ellen needs 32 people for registration, cart runners, guides, etc., training starts 4 pm Friday
at the show: helping in classrooms, hospitality,
everyone needs to register to volunteer!
Volunteer lunch for those who minimum 4 hours on that day, Saturday will be Sauced from Highland mall food court will be lasagna veg/meat, caesar salad, bread, Sunday will be pizza and salad bar


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