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Capital Confectioners Club Meeting February 10 2015

Agenda for Club Meeting on Tuesday Feb 10 2015:
Minutes taken by Carol Seng
Start of meeting 7:00 pm
1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros
a. Adian doing a cake for boy
b. Claire mystery box boy
c. Mom
3) Treasury Report
4) Venue paid for
Show account $ 36,026.19
Cash on hand $
Club account $ 754.75
Cash on hand $
Pay pal $ 2740.81
Membership $36
Cash check or charge
5) Upcoming Events
6) New Business-
7) Elections in April
a. President (needs to be on board before, VP historian, secretary
b. Ballots in April
c. Know before march 31
d. Heart of the club award make club shine
8) Cake show
a. 275 cakes and 200 people entry
b. Registration close on Sunday
c. Show cake 20
d. Tasting- 5 categories
i. muffin quick bread
ii. pies and tarts
iii. Cake 6 ingredients
iv. Gingerbread cookie
v. Candy
e. Classes tons of classes 27 mini classes
f. Classes before and after show
g. Registration for classes will continue after Sunday
h. Mystery box comps
i. 1 hr
ii. Against others and the clock
iii. Competitors get to keep box $50 or more
iv. Register doesn’t cost anything
v. 4 different ones
i. Micro classes $10
i. 30 min classes
ii. Specific things
1. Isomalt demo jewels into treasure chest
2. Gelatin flower
3. Difference between modeling choc and fondant when to use each
4. Ruth Ricky painting
iii. Can watch for free
j. Layout for cake show
i. See map
ii. Setup on Fri start at 7:00 am
iii. Vendors start at 1:00 pm
iv. Competitors start at 5:00-8:00 out by 9:00
v. We pay by the hour that we are there
vi. Volunteers can start working at 7:00
vii. Tasting come in Sat morning because there is no refridgeration
k. Vendors
i. Come in at 1:00
l. Take a flyer to handout to promote show
m. Sponsors
i. Tasting competitors
1. Box cake flour or AP flower king Arthur
2. All Gift certificates
3. Display truck 28 feet long has an oven bake cookies handing out
4. Take donations for cookies which go to capital area food bank
5. Parked on left very visible will be at wholefoods thurs and fri before will promote our show
ii. Imperial Sugar
1. Tons of sugar box in goodie bag powered and granulated
2. Cash for prizes for divisional competition
3. Booth walk by all the 39-41
a. Handout sugar, coupons cookies coffee
iii. Cake connection $4000 items dusts for goodie bag
iv. Cakes under the influence
1. Alcohol infused cake
2. Cups and designs to bake in for like
v. CalJava
1. Badges
2. Mystery box
3. Tools supplies raffle
4. Fondex for class and prizes
5. 2-4 booth
vi. Chocopan
1. .5 # Gumpaste goodie bag
2. Hands on micro class 1.5#
vii. Icing image
1. Printer setup raffles
2. Sweet accents raffles
3. $500 winners
viii. Into food
1. Joshua john Russle work with
2. Cake oriented
3. Not selling but can order see and touch
ix. Innovative ????
1. Sugar shapers
2. Kacy lacky new company new sponsor
3. Turntable extender
4. Cake carrier keep cakes cool
5. $3000 product donated prize and raffle
x. Caren Sugar works
1. Molds
2. Shipping things in
3. Booth
xi. Nick lodge
1. Head judge
2. Promote show
3. New products
4. Renshaw fondant kneed longer 1.5# goodie bags
xii. Satin Ice
1. Fondant in goodie bags
2. Prixes
3. Classes
4. Raffles
xiii. Stress free cake support system
1. Tiered
2. Not inexpensive you want full deposit for it
xiv. Sugar Veil
1. Mats
xv. Texas Ices having a booth
xvi. Twirled up
1. Metal stick with curls on top
xvii. Donors and sponsor no booth
1. American cake
2. Confectioners chalet Katherine lange
3. New York Cake goodie bag
4. Wilton product cake box booth not product but classes
n. If you have a tablet that will load sq and borrow it general admission and 1 at class sales and Tshirt
o. Volunteers
i. Still need more but doing well we have 90 want 108 Fri super important
ii. Sun evening take down 3 hours bring smiling faces 13 or up
iii. Check in and sign up hospitality so can earn raffle tickets

In good taste put in a lot- didn’t have enough time fell thought do next year Uchi Walton fancy steak omni hotel just need to work on

Renshaw now at Make it sweet

Sat 14 raffles 2
Sun 15 signage, medals, cut paper 12
Tues 2:00 put packets together
Wed cookie dipping
Finish 8:12 pm


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