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Cake Club meeting – August 13, 2013

Officers present

Tien, Kimberly

New members

Linda and ? Used to come and now came back
Leo, first time, but went to DoS and found out about club there
Carol just moved from Waco

Membership is prorated, but with Irene gone just wait until next meeting
Cake show meetings starting soon
Sign-in list was circulated (Kimberly has it to give to Irene later)

New Business

Jennifer talked about the show

Jennifer talked about ICES in general and a report on the recent ICES show

Some vendors at ICES told Jennifer that they’d launch projects at our show, and Nick and Lauren are starting a class together that will be here before our show and then go international

Kimberly proposed doing blog posts about the new products to make vendors happy and draw in more attendees

DoS Report

new person loved it
was on Kview

Member Spotlight

Tien mentioned Chris Cantrell as Heart of the Club winner, and then asked her to be member spotlight
Lived in Lubbock, moved here in 2006, had to start from scratch
started by setting up the bank account and taking the bank teller girls free stuff and a business card
friends and referrals make it work
if you get something over your head you can claim to be booked!
Doing a cupcake wedding this weekend with all of these little wrapper things.
Got her first Hunger Games cake this month
Birthday cakes are when you can play, if they say, “Just make it pretty,” you say, “Cool!”
bakes out of her house
used to lease space before the baker’s bill let her bake from home
worries about using modeling chocolate in heat


Jennifer and Kimberly talking about ComposiMold
silicone is expensive and permanent
ComposiMold is reusable
attendees got to make button molds
Kimberly shared her various edible media experiments with ComposiMold


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