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Capital Confectioners Club Meeting August 12, 2014

Agenda for Club Meeting on Tuesday August 12:
Minutes taken by Carol Seng
Start of meeting: 7:06 pm
1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros Becky took classes and makes cakes for family and Katie friend who owns a bakery got her into it
3) Treasury Report
Show account $48.37
Club account $1507.90
Almost debt free
Have already started paying bills for the upcoming cake show in Feb
Join tonight $24.00
Club tax status is now 501C7 on the way less scrutiny donations can now be tax deductible
4) Day of Sharing Wrap up and Review
Good showing- ~112 people came made about $3000 this year
Most DOS have only been having about 50 people so ours was good

5) Upcoming Events
Patti will be teaching 3 painting classes at Make it sweet coming up
Mike will be teaching the fish cake coming up
KC will be in San Antonio teaching a reindeer class Dec 12-14
Sept 13 ish Houston Extravaganza
6) New Business
Bake sale – last July raised ~$1100 in the bake sale just before DOS so we are going to try do it again labor day weekend Sat the 30th. Drop off Friday night or Saturday morning. Can decorate anything you like but keep in mind it is back to school season and Football season. Think Tailgate so things to bring could be smaller cakes, cookies, brownies etc. they should be individually wrapped and labeled according to cottage food law. We will be doing cupcake decorating, spin art cookies so we need help dipping cookies into royal icing on Friday the 29th at 2:00 pm (in July we did ~300 cookies) and then to help at the bake sale.
Price range cakes sold for around $15.00 ish in July so don’t get too fancy just something to take to a tailgate. July had some gluten free and things sold.
We will also probably do again at Halloween

7) Member Spotlight
Kendall- couple of years ago baking started making cheesecakes gluten free flour blend working on cakes now Gumpaste flowers, ganache, Took Maggie Austin class she was fast pace loves pink ruffles and sprinkles going to Ireland next month
8) Dessert Break: Genevieve Levicki and Angela Negron

9) Demo – Sidney Galprin of http://www.simicakes.com/
Kyla has known since 12 certified prof chocolatier and all kinds of

Most in isomalt sugar free and has better texture won’t bend or melt if powdered you need to pre- cook. Isomalt will melt in microwave or in a pot for Sidney’s recipe go to her website www.simicakes.com
To make coral pour Isomalt over ice.
Can tint with airbrush colors, dusts, luster, you can’t use gel color in liquid Isomalt form but can paint with gel once it is hard

Water and sugar don’t mix but no problem with Isomalt.
Put ice in a Dixie cup. When pouring over ice different types of ice will give different effects. You can completely cover or leave gaps when pouring into container just don’t overfill because it can stick to the Dixie cup. This technique is called casting
Pulling liquid to solid hand and dragon
Blown apple pecock
Pour into yellow silicon molds don’t have to prime the mold use toothpick to spread around into all the crevices rough edges can be cleaned up after can be re-melted as many times as you want as long as you don’t burn it. You know when you have burned it when it turns a slight yellow color, it starts to smell and smoke
Airbubbles once melted let settle. Don’t poke and prod they will come out torch it or put in the oven at 270
Clean toothpick to poke sugar to see if it is good
Spray laquer to keep from getting cloudy and use spray so it doesn’t get brush strokes

Meeting ends: ~8:45 pm


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