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Cake Club Meeting Minutes – April 8 2014

Officers present

Kyla, Kimberly, Irene, Gwen, Christine

New members

Deanne(?) invited by Tien

Treasury Report

club account: $2818.89
show: $1667.48
money coming in, disbursements to be made
Groupon still coming, Paypal subscriptions outstanding, $1560, we have some cheques that haven’t cleared yet

New Business

new 3d printing website, pinchdashsupply.com


– San Antonio DoS May 4

– our DoS Jul 20, beach theme, Joann’s suggestion, will have beach blanket bingo, two southern ladies, still working out class details
also Dina Collins
at the Windham again

– MIS classes
Peggy Tucker in May, 2h demo on new deco gel, tripoli flowers, variety of sugar techniques


need to be paid member to vote
President: Kyla Myers, unopposed
VP: Tien, Janet Spivey
Historian: Gwen Jacobs and Christine Brown (joint), Joanne Trcka, Norah
Secretary: Kimberly Chapman, unopposed

Member Spotlight

Leo Monroy

got involved with us last DoS
started because of sticker shock over fondant cakes
when her son was 3


Jennifer Bartos – panoramic eggs
use mold, 5 lbs regular sugar 1/4c meringue powder 10 tsp water
get it to hold its shape in your fist, add more water if necessary
pack sugar hard into mold
level with spatula ,flip it onto cardboard remove mold

Mike Guerrero

how to start a website


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