Club Meeting Minutes- August 11, 2015

Capital Confectioner’s Club

Meeting: August 11, 2015


Start 7:01

  • Welcome- Kyla
  • New Member Intros
  • Treasure Report- Irene show 5830.58 include net from last bake sale we made $2460.00 (venue payment) approx. $3500 subscription payments (for classes you want to take associated with show) can bank some payments. Club operating $5187.78 good part from day of sharing doing well but don’t want to get complacent
  • Decorating summer bake sale- great pre-booking steady stream all day need help in set up and work
  • Wrap up –DOS went well brought in close $4500 dollars, Craigo’s great jenna instructors did well
  • Upcoming Events-
    1. Open house- tonight will be getting ready Aug 21 and 22 bring stuff in Thurs night fri morning requesting not cupcakes. Bars, cakeballs, cookies put max 2-4 packaging will buy more. We will package if you would like.  More individual items, gluten free always sells  people are already asking about the gingerbread house- mon (family oriented) tue (BYOB adult oriented) wed before Christmas. No Halloween this year and no thanksgiving pie this year but maybe next year.
    2. Cake Show- getting more cookie stuff own category. Moving forward not much to talk about right now shaping up to be amazing instructors 54 applications for 24 slots
  • Member Spotlight- Tammie shy 2.5 yr loves for cookies started bake shop in Connecticut started cake, cupcake cookie now just cookies now do stencils where vendors for our DOS, will do custom stencils
  • New Business- Ices 250 people went including vendors Mobile AB next year, cake camp, our website not being maintained anyone interested in blogging, doing update
  • Dessert Break- Genevieve Kwong Levicki, Patti Maddox Wright
  • Demo- make beach themed adornments- what are we going to do
  • Shark fins, mermaid tails, coral, bubbles
  • Shark fin circle cut into 4the point the curve end
  • Smaller than pea ball colorful fondant star tool
  • Mold no starch in mold just on piece
  • For hard mold do same get a second piece of fondant and dab a corner to help pull out
  • Coral roll thin let dry cut out random shapes then cut holes out with piping tip then twist let dry and then it will standup
  • Mermaid tales- get whale cutter and then  cut tales off
  • Finish 9:00


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