2014 Show Theme Information

2014 Show Theme Information

October 17, 2013 Events That Takes the Cake! 0

We’ve got the official language for our 2014 show theme available for those who like to plan their awesome showcakes early:

Time is of the essence for our 2014 theme of “Cake of Ages”. Cake decorators and sugar artists are challenged to create wedding, novelty, or other cake styles that depict a point in time such as a moment, a year, a decade, or an era. This could be done via an iconic person of a bygone century, the motifs of a particular decade, an event that represents a period in history, or other interpretations of architecture, art, or even fashion styles that have come and gone. Judges will be looking for the application of the theme conceptually throughout the design; whatever is chosen should clearly indicate an obvious point in time. The options are timeless!

Registration, class information, and more will be available at http://thattakesthecake.org/ soon. Stay tuned!

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