From the monthly archives: October 2012

We’ve got some phenomenal classes lined up for the next show so grab your spots while you can! Plus there’s an Early Bird Discount of 10% until Saturday, October 26. That’s just over a week so book now and save!

List and Registration

Here are some photos of the cakes you’ll be making in your classes:

Lambeth Bootcamp 301 and 401

Lambeth Bootcamp 301 and 401 with Kathleen Lange

Dragonflies & Water Lilies

Dragonflies & Water Lilies with Rick Reichart

Peacock Cake

Peacock Cake with Rick Reichart

UT Tower

UT Tower with Mike McCarey

Life-Size Sculpted Football Helmet

Life-Size Sculpted Football Helmet with Lauren Kitchens

New Trends in Gumpaste Flowers

New Trends in Gumpaste Flowers with Nicholas Lodge

Master Course in the Nirvana Technique

Master Course in the Nirvana Technique with Mary Jo Dowling

Fashion Unzipped

Fashion Unzipped with Joshua John Russell

There’s also a class called “Stylish Sparkling Wedding Cakes” with Marina Sousa but we don’t have the photo for that yet.

Some of these classes will fill fast, so register for your spot now and get that 10% discount!


Some folks in Oklahoma are trying to get a Cottage Food Law similar to Texas’ passed and are requesting that we spread the word about their petition, so please share this URL and sign it!

This is literally about freedom and apple pie!