From the monthly archives: January 2012

The following is a request from club member Angela:

EGG SHELLS NEEDED for Confetti Eggs at School Carnival in March.  If you are willing to help I would GREATLY appreciate it.  Please crack eggs leaving approximately 2/3 of the eggshell intact, wash, and returned to its original container.  Please e-mail a note if you will be able to donate!!!  I will then make arrangements to pick up the eggs from you!

With the annual cake show just around the corner, it’s time to get crackin’!


Oakleaf Cakes made a life-sized Storm Trooper cake for a sci-fi convention. Even better, they photographed many steps along the way so if you’ve ever wondered what kind of structures are inside one of these amazing cakes, go check out their blog entry and photo slideshow here.

I considered sharing an image but a) I’m lazy b) I’m busy and most importantly c) I really want you to go look at their page!


We got a note from Photofrost to let us know about their cake decorating contest, so if any of you are interested, the details are here:

And of course don’t forget to register to enter a cake in our cake show! You can also enroll for classes online or buy general admission tickets now, all at Our deadline for competition registration is February 19 with no unregistered entries accepted at the door this year, so sign up soon!


Several new faces this meeting!  Welcome, all!

Pearland had their Day of Sharing last weekend.  The demonstrators’ handouts are now available online on their website:  On February 5th, the Texas ICES will have their Day of Sharing in Montgomery, TX.  Please visit their website for more information:

The club is a buzz with excitement for our upcoming 8th annual That Takes The Cake Sugar Art Show and Cake Competition.  We announced some volunteer opportunities and perks.  Please use our online volunteer registration form if you’re interested:  We’d like volunteers to work a minimum of a 5 hour shift.  It’s a whole lot of fun, so don’t miss out!

Irene is hoping to get her hands on some of these darling cake pendants to sell at the show:

Our next monthly club meeting will be a little different.  We bumped the date up to February 7th (to free up Valentines Day).  It will also be at Make It Sweet‘s brand new location:

Crossroads Shopping Center
9070 Research Boulevard
Austin, TX

That will be our last club meeting before the big show!  We’ll be doing some projects for the show at this meeting and also at several smaller meetings during the month.  Lots to do and not much more time to do it in!  Check back on our blog, Facebook, and MeetUp pages for updates on when we’re meeting and where.

This meeting’s demonstration was given by our new member: Kathleen Boyce.  She shared with us some techniques for creating a purse cake.

Kathleen also brought in the dragon cake she learned to make in Sylvia Wilson’s class:

Big thanks to Kathleen for sharing with us and to Charlotte for the yummy desserts!


A week from today, Capital Confectioners will be hosting our monthly meeting. This time we’ll be focusing on organizing volunteers for our colossal cake show at the end of February.

So if you’re in the Austin area and want to help at the show – which can earn you some spiffy perks if you put in enough hours – come to this meeting and let us know who you are and what you want to do.

We will also have volunteer sign-up forms on the website soon, but what’s really important about next Tuesday’s meeting is getting more people involved in leadership roles. We want to meet you, discuss your strengths and expertise, and help you find the best and most fun ways you can help us. (Update: The web link for the volunteer form is here, so please fill in your available times asap even if you’re going to discuss specifics at the meeting).

What sort of things need to be done? Lots, including but certainly not limited to: set up and break down, competitor registration and management, hospitality, vendor care, supply management, event/class management and assistance, kids table help, general public management (including guarding cakes against poking fingers), and more. It takes a small army of volunteers to run one of the nation’s largest sugar arts shows!

If you’ve volunteered before, you still should come if you can, because we’re making changes to how perks are earned and other details.

Remember: the coolest volunteer jobs go to the most dedicated, long-term volunteers! For instance, getting to be the assistant at a celebrity class is something we reserve for someone who has also put in tons of hours doing other stuff. So come on out and join our team to not only put on the best cake show ever, but get your own fun slice too!

The meeting is 7 pm, Tuesday January 10, in the conference room at the back of the IHOP by Zilker Park (1101 S Mo Pac Expy, Austin, TX). Further details and RSVP are here. If you’re not already a member of the club, you may need to create an account here first.

We don’t require dues for the first meeting or two. You can definitely check us out for free first! So if you’re keen to volunteer for the show but not necessarily commit to being a club member all year, that’s fine. Come to the Tuesday meeting anyway. We’re happy to have you for what time you can share!