Classes: Crazy Pizza Cakes

Classes: Crazy Pizza Cakes

August 15, 2011 Classes 0

“Crazy Pizza Cakes” with Brian Stevens

Another successful Capital Confectioners class!  A big thank you to Brian Stevens for teaching the class about the color wheel, color theory, airbrushing basics, and how to use torches!  Everyone’s “pizza” turned out fabulous and I can personally attest that we no longer fear the airbrush.

Brian demonstrated airbrushing using different tricks and techniques, including stenciling and creating a gradient.  He walked us through the different parts to an airbrush and shared his preferences in tools.

After learning about the color wheel, the class tackled creating their own colors from the primary colors … and we even discovered something interesting.  Be warned!  Americolor airbrush blue + red does not make purple!

We were given 12″ round cakes to carve, ice, and cover with fondant.  Brian showed us how he utilizes multiple colors and passes to create an organic and realistic coloring to the pizza crust.

Chris and Chrissy working intently!

The pizza toppings comprised of red or white buttercream “sauce”, shredded fondant “cheese”, and different fondant “toppings”.  No one held back!  Every pizza turned out supreme.

One of Brian’s favorite tools … the torch.

What a fun class!  Hope you join us next time.  Here’s our 2011 class photo gallery:

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