Quick Bites: Construction Goodies

Quick Bites: Construction Goodies

August 12, 2011 Cakes Cookies Links Quick Bites Techniques 1

It’s a safe bet if you read this blog with any regularity that you either bake or want to. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the time will come when you need to ship something, present something, or dress something up. You could spend a fortune on pre-made items, or you could read the following bits of awesome advice on DIY constructions, presentations, and shipments:

What are your favourite DIY tips to facilitate your baking presentations?

And remember: if you like it when people go to great lengths to give you free stuff others charge for, especially those printables, it encourages them to keep doing it if you post a comment of thanks when you use them!

  1. […] I’m not going to re-post them all here because that’d get silly. But I did want to pass on this set of very cool DIY construction techniques for displaying and shipping your baked goods. […]

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