You Asked, We Answer! Gummy Cupcake Cups

You Asked, We Answer! Gummy Cupcake Cups

July 17, 2011 Austin Area Cake Community Classes Links Member Blog Posts Techniques 0

During my demo at Day of Sharing, someone asked if, instead of turning gummy repeatedly in a silicon cup until it solidifies, could one cast a mold of a cupcake cup made of gummy by using one silicone cup pushed down into another with gummy in between.

This was an excellent question! I tested it yesterday. The answer is not really. The turning method, while tedious, produces a more structurally sound result with better user control.

To see lots of photos and much more data, visit my blog’s experiment post.

I think having a “You Asked, We Answer!” feature would be fun on this blog. Capital Confectioners has several members who love to experiment. Send those cake decorating questions that haunt you and can’t be answered by a simple Google search, or post them in comments, and we’ll do our best to hunt down answers or run some experiments for you!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, you can learn lots more about home-made gummy treats and advanced applications at our class on July 24.

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