In case you haven’t heard, there’s some kind of movie coming out today. Something about a hirsute boy wizard with a thing for ceramics and fermented dairy products. Wait, I’m confused…

In other words, today’s Quick Bites are all about the butterbeer, snitches, chocolate frogs, and other Potter goodies!

Late addition! I spied Bake at 350’s very own Butterbeer Cookies and since she passed on Sugarcrafter’s link above, wanted to make sure to include her own awesome cookies as well!

  • kylakae

    We went to see the movie last night in 3D at the Alamo Lake Creek. It was awesome and they had a great menu, as usual. I had a yummy “adult” butterbeer with a little alcoholic cider in it and a very yummy sticky toffee pudding the likes of which I had not experienced since leaving the UK. Wow…it was so good!