I went on a serious hunt for Fathers’ Day stuff that wasn’t ties and sports, mostly since my husband still resents the ties he had to wear to school every day growing up in Australia and isn’t interested in sports unless it’s cricket (well I did find some adorable cricket and soccer cupcakes via The Cupcake Blog but that’s not what I was searching for). Turns out it’s really hard to find Fathers’ Day stuff beyond the standard stereotypical male interests. Here are the results of my search:

If any of our readers or members have other Fathers’ Day ideas, either standard or unusual, share them in the comments!

  • http://cakeoricandothat.blogspot.com/ chris

    heh, debugging a cake sounds like my kind of nightmare

    • http://capitalconfectioners.com/members/kimberlychapman/ kimberlychapman

      I knew you’d dig that one, fellow nerd.