Classes: Buttercream Flowerpot

Classes: Buttercream Flowerpot

May 22, 2011 Classes 1


“Buttercream Flowerpot Arrangement” by Gwen and Irene

If you haven’t heard, Capital Confectioners is now offering classes!  I do believe that everyone, instructors and students, had a great time today learning how to make several different buttercream flowers.  Three cheers for Gwen and Irene for doing a wonderful job teaching!

Students learned how to prepare and load a piping bag with buttercream, how to stripe different colors in one bag, how to pipe many types of flowers using common piping tubes, and how to assemble a lovely bouquet of cupcakes in a terra cotta pot.

We hope to see many of these happy faces again in future classes, club meetings, and our annual shows!

Afterward, Kyla presented the prototype for the next class, “The Fish That Got Away”.  On June 12th Kyla will show students how to make this easy but incredibly adorable Father’s Day cake.  No experience required!  Register here:

  1. Awesome! Such great cakes! Must have been a ton of fun. I’m sure the next class will sell out fast!

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