Quick Bites: Pick Strawberries Day Edition!

Quick Bites: Pick Strawberries Day Edition!

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May is National Strawberry Month, and May 20 is Pick Strawberries Day. In celebration of both, enjoy these strawberry-themed Quick Bites!

I’ve personally conducted two experiments with fresh strawberries in the last few weeks and will be getting around to those posts soon on my own blog and links will be posted here. I don’t have time to pick my own, unless you count picking up a 4lb box regularly at Costco! But they’re a delicious, inexpensive, nutritious food so get some for yourself today and get creative!

    • Awesome! And yes, real chocolate tastes better than the candy melts. Kids don’t seem to notice the difference but I can hardly stand candy melts myself. I’m sure your extra effort with the real stuff was appreciated!

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