bake sale info, Saturday Aug 30, all day at Make it Sweet


1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros
3) Treasurer Report – Irene
4) Day of Sharing Wrapup and Review
5) Upcoming Events
6) New Business
7) Member Spotlight
8) Dessert Break: Genevieve Levicki and Angela Negron
9) Demo – Sidney Galprin of


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The agenda for tonight’s club meeting (7pm at Make It Sweet?):

1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros
3) Treasurer Report – Irene
4) Upcoming Events:
5) New Business
6) Member Spotlight
7) Dessert Break: Janett Spivey, Joanne Trcka
8) Demo – Kyla Myers,



As Jennifer Bartos of Make it Sweet mentioned at our last club meeting, the store will be having an Open House event on July 1 and 2 during their regular business hours. There’ll be plenty of activities for all ages, including a bake sale with proceeds benefitting Capital Confectioners.

The public (especially club members!) are asked to donate baked goods for the sale. This is a great opportunity to try out recipes for bars or cookies you’ve seen in books or online without having to eat a whole batch! With Independence Day later that week, you can bring themed desserts if you wish, or go for a summer or other theme, or just something undecorated that tastes yummy.

Please bring donations to Make it Sweet during business hours on Monday, June 30 or just before opening at 10 am on July 1. If you have a baking business, you can leave some of your business cards to be handed out as well. Then stay to shop, play, and have fun!

And of course even if you can’t bring a baked good, you can come by to buy some! Tell your friends and family and help spread the word!


Agenda for Club Meeting

1) Welcome – Kyla
2) New Member Intros
3) Treasurer Report – Irene
4) Upcoming Events:
5) Member Spotlight
6) Dessert Break: Carol Seng, Jana Kaye Dodd
7) Demo – Jennifer Bartos


Meeting details and RSVP are here.

1) Welcome – Kyla
2) Election Results
3) New Member Intros
4) Treasurer Report – Irene
5) Upcoming Events:
6) Member Spotlight
7) Dessert Break: Shellie Campos, Kendall Cusick
8) Demo – Kimberly Chapman


Here’s the agenda for tomorrow evening’s monthly meeting (7 pm at Make it Sweet):

1. Welcome – Kyla
2. New Member Intros
3. Treasurer Report – Irene
4. New Business/Announcements
5. Upcoming Events – DoS on July 20, beach theme
6. Elections – those running can introduce themselves, then paid members can vote
7. Member Spotlight
8. Break – Dessert by Amy Blea and Chris Cantrell
9. Demo: Mike Guerrero


March 11, 2014

1. Welcome – Kyla
2. New Member Intros
3. Treasurer Report – Irene
4. Elections: see for board positions and descriptions
5. Upcoming Events
6. Cake Show Post Mortem
7. Break – Dessert by Sheri George, Genevieve Levicki, Joanne Trcka, and Chris Cantrell


We are still working out details for the procedures to have cake competitors bring their masterpieces into the show at our new venue of Highland Mall. All registered competitors (and you MUST pre-register by this Sunday if you wish to compete, including children) will be getting complete information soon on these procedures. Please be patient with us as we work out the details to make it as efficient and easy as possible for everyone.

In the meantime since there have been so many questions about where loading will take place, I’ve screencapped some Google Map satellite images to better show you the optimal entry points and adjacent parking lots. Remember: there is another event at the mall on the Saturday of the show from 10 am to 2 pm that will draw 10,000 people, so if you are competing we cannot overstate the importance of bringing your cake as early as possible. That’s why we’re offering bonus raffle tickets to those who bring their cakes between 5 pm and 8 pm on Friday night. If you must come Saturday morning, be sure to come as close to the 7 am registration opening time as possible. If you come close to 10, you may not be able to find parking fast enough to get your cake inside!

Here are the screenshots, taken from the map here:


That’s a shot of the entire mall, showing Airport Blvd and the 35. Whichever direction you approach from, you want to come around to the South Entrance (which is marked as such but in smallish, white letters on a window), where the red arrow is pointing. There’s a great big Tinkertoy-like sculpture by the door. That’s the best place to enter for attending the show, volunteering, etc. You can also come in the North Entrance which also has one of those Tinkery-toy sculptures and is marked with the blue arrow, but that’s not as good for loading purposes as you can see from the next screencap.

Zoomed in on the South Entrance, I’ve once again marked the main entrance with a red arrow, and you can see the sculpture fairly well:


The blue arrow is where vendors and competitors will bring their items in. We don’t know yet if we’ll be allowing anyone to drive into that driveway area, so assume for now that you can’t. The prime parking spots for competitors will thus be where you can see the cars parked in that screenshot. So again, come very, very early if you want to make sure you’re parked close to the entry! With this other event happening, we cannot guarantee spots will be available close to the door and you don’t want to have to carry your cake up the incline if you have to park far into the south lot.

Again, more details will be sent to all registered competitors once we’ve worked them out. Thank you for your continued patience as we volunteers all work very, very hard to plan this for everyone’s optimal benefit.